Product watch: Mineral Form from Modieus

The new Mineral Form Ax Tile Collection from Modieus is the perfect fit for high traffic spaces that demand great design, but need the flexibility that broadloom Axminster carpet can’t deliver…

banquette seating below wood panelled walls and opposite windows with brown grey and black patterned carpet by Modieus on the floor

The design inspiration behind the new Mineral Form collection is nature and the beautiful structures and colours we find in naturally occurring minerals. We caught up with Leah Manwaring and Debra Ryan, the brilliant design duo at Modieus to understand more.

“Minerals are naturally occurring, inorganic solids that have a crystalline structure,” explained Manwaring, Designer, Modieus. “This means that their atoms are arranged in a regular, repeating pattern. When a mineral is fractured, the broken surfaces often exhibit characteristic patterns. This can be likened to the way that pieces of a grid can fracture. If you take a sheet of paper with a grid drawn on it and tear it in half, the two pieces will still have the same grid pattern. However, if you tear the paper into smaller pieces, the grid pattern will become more irregular. This is similar to how the crystal structure of a mineral can be disrupted when it is fractured.”

meeting room with table and seating on a faceted patterned carpet made up from carpet tiles

Image caption: Diamond | Image credit: Modieus

The non-critical tile designs start its life as a woven broadloom Axminster carpet. A cushion backing is applied for comfort and cut into one metre x one metre tiles. The designs have been inspired by mineral forms, which means that there is no need for an exact pattern match. This approach means that individual tiles can be moved to even out wear, damaged and soiled tiles can be easily replaced and for ultimate flexibility the project installation can be phased to minimise disruption. Tiles also allow for easy access to under floor cabling, which is more common in commercial interiors as they are no longer limited to office spaces.

detail of blue and grey patterned carpet tiles from Modieus Mineral Form Collection

Image caption: Sapphire | Image credit: Modieus

“Our business is built on the firm belief that our customers should never have to compromise,” said Xander Okhuizen, Founder, Modieus. “Modieus is the flooring specialist that says ‘yes’, whatever the design, whatever the style, whatever the floor, Modieus will make it happen. There are no limitations, only possibilities. The Mineral Form Ax Tile Collection is a fantastic addition to our portfolio, as it delivers excellence in design, installation and performance.”

“The ability of minerals to fracture and rearrange their appearance can be used to identify them,” added Ryan, Designer, Modieus. “For example, a mineral that fractures in smooth, flat planes is likely to be a sheet silicate, such as mica. A mineral that fractures in irregular, jagged lines is likely to be a brittle mineral, such as quartz. We’ve used this research to inspire four distinct design and colour stories in our Mineral Form collection: Topaz, Quartz, Sapphire and Diamond.”

aerial view of grey and black patterned carpet in tower block with view over city and river

Image caption: Topaz | Image credit: Modieus

Topaz can be found in a variety of colours, with teal and apricot being two of the more unusual colours. Teal topaz is a deep blue-green colour that is often described as being reminiscent of the feathers of a mandarin duck. Apricot topaz is a warm, peachy orange colour that is said to resemble the flesh of an apricot. Manwaring explains, “Both teal and apricot topaz are relatively rare and highly prized by collectors, so we had to include this colour combination. The end result is striking and simply beautiful.”

wide corridor in a commercial space with brown and black carpet in Modieus Quartz carpet tiles

Image caption: Quartz | Image credit: Modieus

Quartz is the second most abundant mineral in the Earth’s crust. It is typically clear or white in colour. Teal quartz is formed when traces of iron and titanium are present in the quartz crystal, whilst deep terracotta quartz is formed when traces of iron and manganese are present in the crystal. This gives the mineral its deep, rich terracotta colour. “Both teal quartz and deep terracotta quartz are treasured by collectors for their unique and beautiful hue,” continued Ryan. “Teal quartz is often used in jewellery and other decorative items and deep terracotta quartz is often used in carvings and sculptures. This colour combinations also works really well in flooring design.”

floor to ceiling glass wall with a quartz shaped frame around the glass mirrored in the carpet

Image caption: Sapphire | Image credit: Modieus

Sapphires are known for their vibrant blue colour. The dark navy colour of sapphires is often described as being like the night sky, with a deep, rich hue that is both mysterious and alluring. ” We’ve added highlights of gold and light beige to add touch of warmth and elegance to the sapphire blue,” described Manwaring. “This is true to nature, as highlights of gold and light beige are often found in sapphires from certain regions, such as Sri Lanka and Madagascar.”

futuristic curved lines of an interior office design with curved central staircase and modieus carpet tiles on the floor

Image caption: Diamond | Image credit: Modieus

“No matter what colour they are, diamonds are all incredibly beautiful, they have been valued for centuries for their rarity, beauty, and durability,” said Ryan, explaining the process of inspiration. “Our structured designs and monochromatic palette is ideal for architectural interiors that need high performance flooring.”

The Modieus Mineral Form Collection would be incomplete without the Diamond design chapter. Diamonds are a mineral of extraordinary elegance, they epitomize enduring beauty, symbolising love and resilience. Diamonds are typically colourless, but do bring blues and smoky grey hues into the palette.

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Main image credit: Modieus