Product watch: Kaldewei Whirl system turns the bathroom into a private spa

With four new Whirl Systems to add to the mix, Kaldewei offers bespoke solutions for every bathroom, allowing for state of the art design in combination with the joy of a luxurious spa offering…

water jets massage in the new Kaldewei Whirl system for the bath

Kaldewei has been creating bathroom solutions combining modern luxury with sustainable thinking, management, and action for over 100 years, and has now introduced the Whirl System to its signature steel enamel bathtubs that are about design and durability. Redefining relaxation in the bathroom, the new Whirl System provides users with the full spa range.

From a vigorous sports style massage, through to a gentle caress, the bubbling, pre-warmed air bubbles in illuminated water can be altered in intensity and type of wellness treatment to suit the individual There are four different massage systems available; Body Soul, Soul, Full Body, and Body. The choice of settings means that relaxation is guaranteed, and the system can even be switched to silent mode, allowing the flat nozzles to work quietly to ensure the atmosphere of wellbeing is not disturbed.

Kaldewei bath with the whirl system spa installed and bubbling

Image credit: Kaldewei

The Body Soul combination wellness system combines the elements of water and air for the perfect massage experience. Powerful jets of water loosen muscles, tendons, and joints, while sparkling, preheated air bubbles stimulate the skin. The whirl programme and intensity can be adjusted separately, and the side nozzles can be individually aligned to the body, whilst special micro nozzles treat the back and feet. On request, the side and floor nozzles can be selected separately and be adjusted in their intensity.

The Soul wellness system ensures relaxation and inner peace with its bubbling air flow. The sparkling, preheated air bubbles ensure a mild soothing skin massage. The gentle caressing of the air stimulates the nerve fibre ends of the skin, and produces the unique feeling of floating weightlessly in the water. The particularly flat and efficient floor nozzles of the Soul air system fit elegantly into the bathtub made of high quality steel enamel.

The full body Body aquamassage option pampers you with an intensive massage using powerful water jets. This is the
perfect setting after a hard day’s work or a demanding work out, as the massage relieves tension, loosens the connective tissue, and promotes blood circulation in the body. The water jets are enriched with air and work deep into the skin for stubborn muscle knots. The side jets can be aimed directly at different parts of the body, and additional micro nozzles specifically treat the back and feet. The intensity of the massage can be adjusted, and the LED lighting conjures up an atmospheric ambience of wellbeing in the bathroom.

The basic system Body, massages the muscles with lateral water massage jets with a range from gentle to powerful. The intensity can be varied as desired and adjusted using a rotary knob. Air can also be added to the water jets. In addition to the jet and massage options, the spectral light function in the Whirl systems provides a fascinating interplay of light, air and water. Select from a stimulating deep red, a soft, silky green, an airy blue or a neutral white light – the positive effect of light and colour on the body and spiritual wellbeing is well known and, in combination with water, provides even deeper relaxation. For the ultimate wellness experience this system offers a soothing water or air massage in combination with the energy of the spectral light.

Seeing the relaxation experience all the way through, the Kaldewei Whirl system does not end when you leave the bath, as its intergrated system means that the automatic cleaning system ensures a perfectly clean and hygienic bath with minimal effort – a true spa experience, all within the confines of a conventional bathroom.

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Main image credit: Kaldewei