Product watch: innovative shower screens from Majestic London

Since 1968, Majestic London has been leading the way in premium glass shower screens and enclosures. More than fifty years later, its commitment to elegant, timeless, and understated design remains as strong as ever…

recessed shower enclosure with baskets on the bathroom wall

Majestic London – an Event Partner for MEET UP London which takes place on April 25 – harnesses the creativity and imagination to design bespoke shower solutions.  With a portfolio that can be used to create any design, from a showering sanctuary of calm, through to a retreat for refreshing invigoration. By offering a broad selection of colours and finishes, all produced by distinct processes, which have been tried and tested in the bathroom environment. This allows for any RAL colour to be selected for its shower enclosure fittings, giving a new dimension to bespoke solutions to complement any bathroom colour scheme.

shower enclosure by Majestic London with wooden floor and ceiling and brass fittings

Image credit: Majestic London

The Art Glass collection is a recently launched, beautiful new range of bespoke shower screens incorporating four unique textures; Crystal Drawn, Carved, Stone and Ice. Every piece of Art Glass is handcrafted through intricate methods in the United Kingdom, each piece a unique work of art. Clients can choose their preferred style from recessed floor to ceiling and slider, to dwarf wall and angle cut. The glass can be configured in a way that really makes the shower enclosure the centrepiece of the bathroom.

stone shower screen in textured glass from Majestic London

Image credit: Majestic London

A shower enclosure is integrated into the fabric of a building and isn’t just a commodity that is delivered and unpacked. From a design perspective, the challenge is to produce a quality, bespoke product that perfectly fits and complements the space, while ensuring you have the technical expertise required to schedule out, survey, install and project manage the whole process.

pink tiled and marble surfaces in a shower enclosure

Image credit: Majestic London

The Majestic London portfolio allows for endless customisation possibilities to bring any design to life. The Project Department provides a service entirely dedicated to the contract sector and routinely supplies glass shower screens and enclosures to hotels, residences and workplaces. This specialised team have the specific skillset required to support construction industry specialists throughout the entire process, from ideation to realisation. In addition the brand is able to provide Building Information Modelling (BIM) files to allow digital modelling of the shower screens, while at the same time, as an NBS Source Partner, enabling its shower solutions to be quickly selected and imported into NBS chorus to simplify the creation of specifications. The specification for each commission is individual and no shower door leaves the factory the same as the last one. A truly architectural choice.

coloured shower enclosure hinges in profile

Image credit: Majestic London

From the brand inception in 1968, it has set out to provide the best design and quality bespoke products. Many of the Majestic London glass shower enclosures are still in place over 30 years after being installed, reflecting the quality and durability of the products. central to the company ethos is the understanding of the need to support its clients’ environmental objectives. The glass, steel and aluminium are carefully selected and fully recyclable once reaching the end of their working life. All products are packed in biodegradable, unprinted cardboard.

With a constant involvement in and focus on breathtaking design projects, keeps the brand contiuously creative, sounding out trends and tendencies in architecture and interior design. Believing that by making the right level of investment and using the right materials, designers will have a timeless, quality product which stands the test of time. A Majestic shower is a true icon of beauty which transforms and enhances any bathroom space.

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Main image credit: Majestic London