Modieus – exploring cultural currents in 2024

Based in Australia and specified across the globe, Modieus is known for its trailblazing carpet and rug designs. We caught up with the Modieus design duo Leah Manwaring and Debra Ryan to hear how global cultural influences, technological advancements and a deep reverence for the wonders of the natural world has shaped their 2024 trend predictions…

orange chair against concrete wall with patterned carpet and sculptural orange disc on wall

Modieus has honed into the cultural currents influencing interior design globally to create three chapters in its 2024 trend forecast. From native heritage prints that root us, to the increasing effect of the metaverse, and the awe-inspiring wonder of nature that never ceases to amaze and shape us. Each influence is considered within the Ecology, Local Natives and Metaverse chapters.

cultural currents trends for 2024 from Modieus

Image credit: Modieus

“Right now, we are working on new designs for each of these chapters,” explained Manwaring. “This trend report is the perfect sneak peek into what’s coming next from Modieus”.

“I am very excited we are sharing our 2024 trends,” added Xander Okhuizen, Founder, Modieus. “We are a design powerhouse, known for our innovative and trend-setting approaches to flooring design. We never sell to our clients, instead we take a collaborative approach to find the best solution for their project. And we project manage all the detail, from specification, design, manufacturing through to installation. Our clients know we are committed to pushing boundaries to deliver ultimate flooring solutions time after time”.

geometric carpet design in shades of rust and brown by Modieus

Image credit: Modieus

The Local Natives trend embodies a vibrant and unapologetic celebration of African culture and heritage. Animal prints, earthy tones, and black and white bark cloth patterns are layered in a riot of maximalism, creating a visually stimulating and captivating aesthetic. Pattern-on-pattern combinations are embraced, resulting in a sense of abundance and opulence. This trend is a bold and expressive statement, reflecting the rich and diverse traditions of African art and design, and the influence this has had on global design.

“Delving into cultural legacy through the lens of African art has been a discovery of diversity and tradition,” commented Ryan. ” The result is cultural explosion of colours and patterns, where pattern-on-pattern combinations boldly express the abundance and opulence inherent in African art and design”.

corner of double bed in shades of brown with patterned carpet

Image credit: Modieus

The Metaverse design trend embraces the fusion of technology and luxury, creating a realm where the innovative and the opulent coexist. Light and minimal aesthetics evoke a sense of sophistication and elegance, while multiple dimensions and reflective surfaces add a touch of the otherworldly. Circles and spheres are recurring motifs, symbolising unity, infinity, and the interconnectedness of all things. Digitised textures are rendered with a soft and luxurious touch, creating a sense of indulgence and refinement. This trend is a testament to the boundless possibilities of digital creation, where the boundaries between the physical and virtual are blurred, and new forms of beauty are born.

swirls of purple and orange metaverse inspired design

Image credit: Modieus

“In recent years we’ve pushed manufacturing boundaries, for example our Impressions collection of Axminster carpets and rugs look and feel like they are hand tufted, but are made in a fraction of the time and cost,” continued Manwaring. “We want to push innovation further, to create new forms of beauty and elegance in flooring design. Launching soon, our Metaverse Splendour designs do just that, by seamlessly converging technology and luxury”.

organic green patterned carpet by Modieus in lounge setting with fireplace

Image credit: Modieus

The Ecology trend is a tribute to the beauty and wonder of our oceans and the natural world. Joyful, luminous colours evoke the feeling of sunlight sparkling on the ocean’s surface, while bright hues become soft and ethereal when submerged underwater. Scallop shapes, curves, and flowing forms mimic the organic patterns found in coral and jellyfish. In the realm of nature, lush plants and biophilic design elements bring the outdoors in, creating a sense of connection to the living world. Natural materials such as wood, stone, and leather add warmth and texture, while organic and sustainable practices ensure that this trend is kind to the planet.

green patterned carpet design from Modieus

Image credit: Modieus

“Our aim was to capture the beauty of nature in this chapter.,” explained Ryan. “The hospitality sector has seen a shift towards sustainable biophilic design over recent years. We are taking this a step further by creating designs which transcend both the natural and oceanic worlds we are privileged to inhabit”.

As a leading force in the design industry, Modieus continues to push boundaries and inspire creative expression. The 2024 trends reflect a commitment to diversity, innovation, and environmental responsibility. Join Modieus in shaping spaces that tell unique stories and embrace the beauty of our shared cultural heritage, technological advancements, and the wonders of the natural world.

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Main image credit: Modieus