Live from HIX: inside the new Novotel hotel concept with Ligne Roset

Ligne Roset has collaborated with Novotel and designers Damien Perrot and Ramy Fischler to usher in a new era of design for the hospitality brand with sustainability at its heart. The designs are being showcased at HIX on the Ligne Roset Stand 18. In addition editor Hamish Kilburn will be hosting an exclusive conversation with the designers within the stand…

Ligne Roset sample room for Novotel designed by RF Studio

Novotel has teamed up with Belgian designer Ramy Fischler, through his design studio RF Studio, and Ligne Roset as manufacturers, to bring to life one of the winning Novotel Hotel concepts which will allow the brand to provide flexibility to its owning and franchisee partners, allowing each to choose and customise an ideal style that best suits the unique character of the destination.

With the bespoke manufacturing knowledge of Ligne Roset Contract, sustainability has been considered throughout this guestroom concept. Designed and manufactured to last over a long period of time with removable covers used to limit the overconsumption of furniture and to allow for easier future renovations. 100 per cent recycled polyester has been used for the fabrics and the furniture items have all been made from PEFC and EUTR certified particleboard. The wardrobe, mini bar and stool have all been made from 100 per cent recycled materials. The occasional and bedside table bases have been made from cork.

detail of bedroom design for Novotel by Ligne Roset

Image credit: Ligne Roset / Thierry Sauvage

Flexibility is a key aspect of the different sleeping arrangements made possible by the daybeds, also manufactured by Ligne Roset Contract. Available in different colour options and for different bedroom orientations, the daybeds provide 18 different bedroom configurations. The bedroom concept is available in full and partial realisations, with different colour options, in a standard and premium finish which includes additional charging outlets.

One of the key features of the concept, which has already been implemented in Paris and is soon to be unveiled in other Novotel properties, is the headboard. Available in a standard and premium finish. The premium option has connectivity to the bedside tables providing induction charging. Luggage racks, a mini bar and the Valmy armchair, also designed by Ramy Fischler, are part of the Ligne Roset collection and can also be included.

In addition to being able to experience the concept on the Ligne Roset Contract stand at HIX, Editor Hamish Kilburn will be putting both Fischler and Accor’s Damien Perrot under the spotlight – on stand 18 at 16:00 on November 17 – to discuss the design and the concept in depth.

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Main image credit: RF Studio