Live from HIX: Gessi presents ‘haute culture’

Showcasing its new collections at HIX, Gessi aims to communicate its personal and distinctive style aesthetic marked by the made in Italy lifestyle…

Gessi window display London

Always attentive to the suggestions offered by nature, GESSI is presenting two new collections at HIX 2023. Both these collections celebrate the natural world in both shape and materiality, along with the quality of design at the highest level, both in aesthetic research and in metalworking, the company’s core business. the designs remain true to the brand ethos and express the made in Italy style that GESSI represents

Gessi Jacqueline tap next to handbag and sunglasses

Image caption: Introducing Gessi Jacqueline. | Image credit: Gessi

The new Jacqueline collection,  is a jewel-collection, as unique and exclusive as an haute couture accessory. It is surprising, precious, with personality, but at the same time comfortable and natural, making it possible to create unique and fascinating environments, thanks to the choice
of using a material present in nature but never before applied in bathroom furniture: bamboo.

The hollow bamboo roots are selected one by one, by diameter and pitch between the knots, in order to adapt them with the utmost naturalness to the creation of mixers and furnishing complements that make the bathroom and wellness space an oasis of well-being and harmony. Each element of the collection is handcrafted and expresses all GESSI’s know-how, achieved over thirty years of experience, with workmanship so innovative and specialised that it is a true patent invention of GESSI, unique in the industry in always pushing the envelope. In this way the company also contributes to safeguarding a part of that universally recognized Italian cultural heritage. Looking at the future while respecting tradition.

Gessi Perle Collection in shades of terracotta

Image credit: Gessi

The Perle Collection encapsulates the meanings and characteristics of jewelry, representing elegance and refinement. Just as the pearl is the most perfect and rare shape in nature, the sphere that punctuates each element of the collection is an emblem of purity and the fruit of profound research. The same research that has led Gessi, through more than two years of studies, to explore the best Made in Italy materials to enhance them in its creations, with the aim of increasingly personalising and customising the most important element of the most intimate space of living. And, to exalt these fine materials, it could only be the perfect shape of the pearl: the sphere has conditioned the birth of this new collection that, inspired by the worn jewel pearls, charming and soft, wants to transfer the same tactile and aesthetic pleasure in everyday life, to an ergonomic and functional use.

In addition, both the Jacqueline and Perle collections are on displayed at Casa Gessi London, a celebration of Italian design, located in the heart of Clerkenwell, in the 18th-century Palladian-style Grade II listed Old Sessions House.

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Main image credit: Gessi