LedsC4 shines a light on the great outdoors

The new additions to the Architectural Collection from LedsC4 include a range of outdoor designs solutions, all created under the same premise: quality lighting that changes the perception of spaces with its silent presence…

outdoor space with lighting from Taglio surface adjustable by LedsC4

Taglio is a collection of profiles and modules from LedsC4 for creating linear lighting compositions for surface-mounted, recessed or pendant installations. It introduces a high level of aesthetics to projects and offers extensive lighting flexibility for both outdoor and indoor architectural spaces that demand a high degree of IP/IK. It is designed for projects that wish to highlight architecture through lighting effects.

concrete outdoor terrace with Taglio recessed lighting from LedsC4

Image credit: LedsC4

Taglio opens the door to lighting that defines the space, whether it be through direct lighting, to create an intense linear effect, or through indirect lighting with a more subtle effect, on any surface.

Sinia, a design from Artec, is a naturally elegant and welcoming lighting design. Subtle and discreet, standing out in a natural way. During the day, it merges with the landscape like a silent and slender sculpture, while at night it casts a warm glow that complements the landscape’s intent, effortlessly adapting to its surroundings.

The collection is designed to harmonise with urban terraces and enhance gardens by emitting a warm and welcoming light. It can come with decorative glass, in the form of a screen, or without. It is available in stake, dihedral or portable formats, in standard black and brown finishes but with the option of fully customising the colour to adapt more harmoniously to the environment of each project.

water feature in front of building with lighting from LedsC4

Image credit: LedsC4

Aro is the new submersible light fitting from LedsC4 that includes a wide range of lighting options. It is the sole collection in its category that can offer a wide array of options enabling enhanced lighting control, including lenses, colour temperatures and dimming. They can also be replaced if faulty and include the STOP-WATER system, which prevents the ingress of water and air, ensuring an extended lifespan.

Ele streetlights in front of apartment building

Image credit: LedsC4

Ele is a new bollard and street lamp design from LedsC4. The collection, consisting of bollards and lampposts, features an elegant design aimed at delivering maximum lighting comfort and energy efficiency while eliminating light pollution. To achieve this, it incorporates asymmetrical lenses and customisable colour temperatures to suit various projects. It serves as an excellent choice for both timeless and architectural spaces, including museums, universities and large residential areas. Perfect for transit zones. It is available in 2200 k, a more eco-friendly temperature for the local plant and animal life. Ele is easy to service in case of breakage.

Easy Safe Garden is a system designed to illuminate large garden areas through a straightforward, speedy and safe installation process. It includes a power supply and a wiring system that allows for easy interlinking of light fittings. Two system options are available: ON/OFF and DALI2 (adjustable lighting). The second choice enables you to adjust the light as needed, creating even more intimate and inviting settings. It is easy and reliable to install, using watertight screw-lock quick connectors: it can be installed in just a few minutes. It also offers enhanced safety thanks to its low voltage (48 V).

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Main image credit: LedsC4