LEDS C4 light a ‘serene, harmonious & majestic space’ in Barcelona

The project, lit by LEDS C4, originated in the materials that are a part of our physical and tangible world, but it is also related to the work of Six N. Five with technology and spaces. With a monochromatic colour scheme in earth tones, there is an artisanal feel to connect both worlds…

Iris pendent for LEDS C4 case study

Under the guidance of the interior designer Isern Serra, LEDS C4 is providing the lighting for the new offices of the 3D design studio Six N. Five in Barcelona, founded by Ezequiel Pini. With the aim of designing a multidisciplinary space that encourages creativity, the decision was made to show off the reality of construction, leaving all of the original structure uncovered while providing warmth and serenity by means of the materials, earthy tones and light.

LEDS C4’s lighting, with Atom Track 52 spotlights and Play High Visual Comfort Adjustable downlights, blends into the architecture of the space and helps to create a cosy, relaxed environment.

In addition, Cocktail, Simply, Big and Nude light fixtures from the Decorative Collection help to create sources of light in the creative space.

The project involved refurbishing street-level premises. A multi-purpose space, mainly used as an office, but also as a showroom, adding an area for presentations, a small workshop for creating small prototypes, a leisure and virtual reality zone, and a café area. All in all, a multidisciplinary space open to the city with small cultural activities.

A contemporary workspace

Image credit: LEDS C4

“The diverse spaces to be allocated and the imposing heights made it possible to create a space in the top section to house the workshop and a storage area,” said Serra. “This mezzanine also enables us to separate the public area from the more private ones.”

The mezzanine can be closed off with curtains at both the top and the bottom, thus making it possible to not only offer different levels of privacy, but also provide an element for dividing the different areas.

The space was devised to be a large architectural sanctuary with a strong artisanal feel. Earth colours were chosen to reinforce the idea of materiality, opting for a smooth finish cement floor with building elements, along with walls in the same tone with uneven plasterwork.

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Main image credit: LEDS C4