Leaflike ensures biophilic design puts down roots

With the demand for biophilic design growing, Leaflike brings a complete end-to-end solution to the table for incorporating nature into hotel design…

plants in white pots in lobby at westin planted by Leaflike

Hoteliers and designers are increasingly seeing the benefits of bringing nature to the forefront of hotel and hospitality design. But, as Leaflike asserts, biophilic design is about more than just adding a few plants to a space, it is also about creating a connection between people and nature by incorporating natural elements into the design of a space.

Leaflike is skilled, not only in planting design for luxury hotels and hospitality spaces, but also in understanding that the job doesn’t end with the design. The biophilic brand works closely with clients to understand their needs and create custom designs that meet the specific and ongoing requirements.

“We find time and time again that clients come to us because they have experienced disappointment in the post-installation phase, where they have less support and understanding of how to look after the plants to maximise their lifespan, or that the maintenance programme they are given isn’t up to scratch,” explained Liam Abernethie, Head of Client Relations, Leaflike. ” With poor follow-up, some areas can look tired fairly quickly – something that will certainly be noticed by discerning guests.”

circle of curved white couches with marble floor in public space and green plants from Leaflike

Image credit: Leaflike

As any successful hotelier knows, providing an excellent experience for guests requires attention to detail in every aspect of a property. From the design and décor, to the customer service and maintenance, every element must be perfect to create a memorable stay. Leaflike has set itself apart with design-driven planting for luxury hotels and hospitality spaces – so what does it take to make that difference and reassure hoteliers that the designs will look good long after installation?

Key to this process is understanding that hotels have unique needs and challenges, such as maintaining the plants in high-traffic areas, or ensuring that the design complements the overall aesthetic of the property. Leaflike is dedicated to finding solutions to these challenges and ensuring that the final product meets all expectations. Importantly, the support continues post-installation as the team regularly monitors the plants and makes adjustments as needed, to ensure that the space remains beautiful and healthy.

green leaflike floral displays in gold vases in white interior of Hilton London Metropole hotel

Image credit: Leaflike

Leaflike is committed to giving hotels the best in design, customer service, installation and maintenance. The combination of these elements is brought together in the ‘Leaflike Promise’. This is a set of service commitments, which ensures that hotels have the very best experience, a Leaflike experience, from initial inquiry to a fully-fledged maintenance service. Clients remain informed, relaxed and safe in the knowledge that everything will be taken care of from a design perspective, along with the longer term practicalities of effective maintenance and great communication for hotel teams.

Leaflike also understands the importance of sustainability, which is a core value of the business. Having recently received the EcoVadis Gold Award in Sustainability, it is committed to both sustainability and making ongoing efforts to reduce its environmental impact. This is done by advocating eco-friendly materials whenever possible and working with clients to develop sustainable solutions that meet everyone’s needs in the process of transforming hotels into unforgettable oases of nature.

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Main image credit: Leaflike