Frances Bildner explores art behind the gallery

Currently exhibiting her paintings at Omni De Architects, an innovative and collaborative gallery space that aims to connect all aspects of design while giving artists access to less traditional methods of exhibiting their work, Frances Bildner discusses the role art can play in public spaces…

Frances Bildner exhibit at OmniDe in London

With the increasing focus on art as an enhancement to the environment, we are starting to see more art in public spaces. Correctly curated, it can add value to these spaces in hotels as it brightens up the lobby and corridors, while at the same time can make guests feel more comfortable and relaxed, inspired and energised. The more colour on the walls, the more wellbeing all round! Using these spaces to exhibit takes art out of the conventional galleries, which can be rarefied and intimidating places, into the public realm, giving the everyone access to the art, and giving the artists a bigger platform on which to exhibit.

abstract paintings by Frances Bildner

Image credit: Frances Bildner

As the art comes out of the galleries and into new and more collaborative spaces like Omni De Architects, it gets a wider audience, and at the same time becomes more central to all our lives. It removes some of the elitism that can surround gallery art as it becomes part of our everyday experience. Another shift in artistic space is the increase in Artist in Residence collaborations, more events both on and offline, and retreats where artists can spend time working on their craft in different environments as art becomes more integrated into the hospitality and travel sector. Along with this comes the benefit of travel, which to my mind enhances one’s work and is a stimulating broadening experience which allows a growing in perspective. The different colours and light in places like India and Morocco, South America and Africa can add layers to an artist’s work. I would recommend travel to any artist who wants to vary their experience.

In many ways, as art becomes more integrated into hotels and hospitality, we have come full circle as art is no longer confined to the exclusive margins of galleries. This is excellent for all involved. The public has greater access to art, spaces can be reimagined as the works change and businesses grant artists more respect and validity. It is a win-win situation.

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Main image credit: Frances Bildner