Fireplace of the future from FOCUS

Fireplace innovator FOCUS has unveiled the Bathyscafocus Holographik – its latest design to be adapted for multiple uses in interior spaces…

bedroom interior at nigh With Messy Bed, Leather Armchairs, Closet And Garden View From The Window. with focus fireplace bathyscafocus

FOCUS is rethinking fire and seeing is believing with this immersive design where flames are produced in 3D by a unique holographic system that plays over naturalistic ceramic logs. This creates an exceptionally realistic and multi-sensory fireplace experience, enhanced by the familiar sounds of a crackling wood-burning fire.

The Holographik has a patent that includes ten technological innovations making it a unique development in fireplace design and it has become the latest emblem of the Made in France label. This revolutionary range includes two models: the spherical Bathyscafocus whose design is evocative of underwater exploration and the Ergofocus, whose original design was recognised by Stockholm’s Modern Art Museum.

rustic white painted brick surface with white finish Focus fireplace_Bathyscafocus_Holographik_

Image credit: FOCUS

New environmental standards are positively and sustainably impacting the world of traditional fireplaces. The Holographik fireplace requires no fuel supply and produces no emissions – all it needs is an electrical socket and it can be installed just about anywhere. This makes it perfect for low-energy building projects and apartments as this contemporary electric-powered fire poses no risk of burning and generates no sparks. Consuming less than 30 Watts, the fireplace uses virtually no electricity. It can be switched on/off at the touch of a button, making it easy for users to control and perfectly suitable for a workplace or for areas where there are high volumes of visitors.

The Holographik is the answer for anyone who wants to enjoy the experience of a fire in spaces usually unsuited for a fireplace. The flue is purely decorative and its length can be customised to any ceiling height. These fires are particularly suitable across a range of interiors, from hospitality projects such as bars restaurants and hotels, to retail projects, boutiques and showrooms. The hearth of both Ergofocus and Bathyscafocus Holographik models are suspended and pivot 80 degrees, allowing the fire to be enjoyed from nearly any angle.

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Main image credit: FOCUS