FOCUS launches eco-performance glazed collections of fireplaces

With the launch of the new glazed versions of the Domofocus and the Ergofocus – two symbols of the brand – FOCUS is expanding its range of eco-efficient fireplaces…

Home interior industrial style with fireplace

A recent recipient of two prestigious Archiproducts Design Awards, the new Glazed Gyrofocus has been recognised in both the Finishes and Special Mention for Sustainability categories. FOCUS has for many years been dedicated to the transformation of its wood-burning fireplaces, with a triple objective of energy performance, eco-responsibility and all this without altering the original design. Now, Domofocus and Ergofocus join the glazed fire family.

The fireplace brand now presents three glazed Ecodesign models. The original designs of both Ergofocus and Domofocus also remain intact. The pure and ergonomic shape of the former and the development of the curves of the latter have been perfectly preserved as well as their 360-degree swivel action. As with the Gyrofocus, an ingenious sliding glass window offers a perfect view of the flames without risk of sparks flying.

Glazed Domofocus fireplace in living room

Image credit: FOCUS

FOCUS is the only company in the sector to constrain the combustion chamber of its fireplaces to its design. This already difficult challenge has become much more complex with the ambition to close its fireplaces and provide them with real energy performance, making them eco-efficient. The organic shape of these iconic models were not initially suited to this dual technological problem.

FOCUS began a dedicated transformation of its industrial process 1o years ago, by creating an R&D department and investing more than six million euros into it. In order to further speed up and streamline the certification process, Focus has also equipped itself with a test bench identical to that used by the European laboratories that award Ecodesign approval.

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Main image credit: FOCUS