Case Study: Modieus rolls out the carpets in The Royce

After a two-year period of renovations, with carpets and rugs created by Modieus, Melbourne’s iconic The Royce Hotel has been revitalised and reimagined, drawing inspiration from the golden age of hotels, bringing back the grandeur, indulgence and uncompromising quality…

art deco showroom and bar at The Royce in shades of purple and chrome detail

Originally built in the 1920’s as a luxury car showroom, the building had all the glitz and glamour of a Hollywood Hills mansion, with a lofty gold ceiling and marble stairs. More like a ballroom than a showroom, walking into the space in the 1920s was like entering a theatrical world of fast cars, movie stars and flowing Champagne. Many of the building’s original features are on full display as this stunning renovation, along with the carpet designs by Modieus, draws inspiration from the Hollywood flamboyance and the spirit of indulgence of the Roaring 20s. From the grand marble-tiled staircase in the lounge, to the lavish ballroom, indulgent eateries, an over-the-top bar and opulently appointed rooms.

art deco inspired entrance and lobby to The royce Hotel with silver pillars and blue seating under a central chandelier

Image credit: The Royce Hotel

“The original showroom followed closely on the heels of the Melbourne land boom of the 1880s, where Melbourne was the richest city in the world at the time,” explained Nick McLennan, General Manager. “This was an important theme to celebrate when it came to the redesign of this iconic landmark. Elements of opulent materiality are all throughout the project,” Mclennan continued. “Lighting is extravagant with bespoke feature lights in shimmering crystal bringing gravitas and glamour in equal measure. Moreover, the material palette makes direct correlation to the Rolls-Royce car with mauve and silver tones realised as carved carpets in plush wool, polished Macassar Ebony, lacquered timbers, polished nickel, and leather upholstered furniture.”

The carpets and rugs running throughout the property were created by Modieus, who have built a reputation for creativity and a dedication to supplying stylish and design-led commercial flooring. “Our business is built on the firm belief that our customers should never have to compromise,” said Xander Okhuizen, Founder, Modieus, when discussing the approach the brand took on this historic project. “It was vital we encapsulated the right look, whilst ensuring the carpets and rugs are a suitable specification for each area of the hotel.”

pale lavender carpet with cut shell pattern by Modieus in guestroom at The Royce Hotel

Image credit: The Royce Hotel

The Royce is a fine example of the timeless allure of the Art Deco period and the carpets and rugs encapsulate the opulence and glamour of the time. Displaying a luxurious subtlety of colour, the guestrooms and corridor carpets are all Axminister, woven in a solid plain colour. Modieus used their specialist knowledge in bevelled carving to create a hand tufted look. The carving pattern is a stylised art deco geometric shell/fan design.

stylised floral pattern cut into the purple carpet with dark blue sofa and wooden staircase

Image credit: The Royce Hotel

The public areas incorporate luxurious hand tufted rugs in a plain colour with added bevelled carving. The pattern is a stylised floral and petal design in high/low pile height, achieving a beautifully opulent 3D effect. High quality craftsmanship is a hallmark of Art Deco style and as ever,Modieus have done a fabulous job of upholding it.

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Image credit: Modieus