Bette manages to reduce price of built-in washbasins – here’s how

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    Bette manages to reduce price of built-in washbasins – here’s how

    The price of Bette built-in washbasins has reduced by up to 40 per cent following new optimised and automated production in the bathroom products…

    Bathroom brand Bette has optimised and automated the production of three of its built-in washbasins and is passing the cost saving on to its customers as a price reduction of up to 40 per cent. The high quality BetteAqua, BetteComodo and BetteOne built-in washbasins are made of glazed titanium-steel and match baths and shower trays in the collections of the same name.

    Bathroom products made of glazed titanium-steel from Bette’s manufacturing facility are a combination of high-tech industrial production and master craftsmanship. For the BetteAqua, BetteComodo and BetteOne built-in washbasins, the company has made a number of adjustments to streamline and automate the production process.

    “Thanks to the optimisations in the production process, we have been able to further improve the price-performance ratio of the built-in washbasins, which benefits all our customers,” explains Sven Rensinghoff, Head of Marketing and Product Development at Bette.

    The BetteOne built-in washbasins have been changed to the dimensions 600 and 800 x 495 mm, while the BetteAqua and BetteComodo built-in washbasins are available in the existing sizes. A new feature for all three washbasins is a uniform rim height of 20 millimetres. In other ways, the proven design, high quality and wide range of colours remains the same. The washbasins are produced in Germany, are durable, easy to clean and robust. They come with Bette’s impressive 30-year guarantee on the high-quality glazed titanium steel.

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    Hamish Kilburn / 21.07.2021


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