Architextural uncovers the power of architectural films in hotels

The architectural film collection from Architextural offers an array of possibilities for creating stunning visual impact within hotel interiors. With a vast selection of designs, patterns, textures and finishes available, these films can be used to mimic luxurious materials like wood, stone, or metal, while remaining budget friendly…

seating centred on a round carpet with hotel reception desk and plants in the background

In the realm of hotel and hospitality design, the quest to create memorable and captivating experiences for guests is an ongoing pursuit. To achieve this, architects and interior designers are increasingly turning to innovative solutions, such as architectural films. The collection from Architextural provides a versatile and cost-effective way to transform spaces, elevate aesthetics and enhance the overall guest experience. By applying architectural films to walls, ceilings, columns and furniture, hotels can achieve the desired ambience and elevate the overall aesthetic appeal of their spaces.

muted browns and greys in minimalist hotel lobby with opague architextural surface film

Image credit: Architextural

Renovation or redesign projects often face the challenge of working with existing architectural elements. Architectural films offer a cost-effective alternative to extensive renovations by allowing hotels to revitalise surfaces that are outdated or worn. Applying films to surfaces like walls, doors and other fittings can give them a fresh, contemporary appearance without the need for costly replacements, reducing downtime and minimising disruption to hotel operations.

Maintaining privacy while maximising space efficiency is crucial in hotel environments. Architectural films can serve as effective privacy solutions by obscuring views or providing visual barriers. Frosted or opaque films can be applied to glass partitions, shower enclosures, or windows, ensuring guests’ privacy without compromising natural light transmission. These films can also be used creatively to divide spaces, transforming open areas into more intimate zones or multifunctional spaces.

sweeping curved staircase with glass sides and textured film on the walls

Image credit: Architextural

With sustainability becoming increasingly important in the hotel industry, architectural films support eco-friendly practices by promoting resource conservation. Instead of discarding or demolishing existing structures, hotels can refurbish and enhance them using films, reducing the need for frequent replacements and the associated consumption of new materials.

Architectural films are a powerful tool in the hotel and hospitality design sector, enabling designers to create visually stunning spaces, ensure privacy and revitalise existing structures – all while considering environmental sustainability. With their versatility, cost-effectiveness and ease of installation, the products provide hotels with a wide range of design possibilities, allowing them to offer unique and memorable experiences for their guests. By embracing the potential of architectural films, hotels can define their spaces and leave a lasting impression on visitors, ultimately contributing to a more successful and prosperous hospitality business.

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Main image credit: Architextural