4 ways to transform the bathroom into a wellness oasis

For those seeking to create those moments of calm and serenity, Villeroy & Boch has created some simple tips for transforming the bathroom into a private wellness temple, which is perfect for unwinding and washing away the stresses of everyday life…

Contemporary bathroom with white freestanding bath and wooden-like sink

A quiet moment, relaxation, invigoration – wellness includes all of this, as it provides a temporary escape from daily routine and allows thoughts to wander. Creating the environment that facilitates this can be done by simply focussing on the details. Lighting, surfaces and colour all play a part in creating a space that can elevate the day-to-day functionality of the bathroom into a place of personal inspiration.

organic round freestanding villeroy & boch bath against a red wall with a crystal chandelier for lighting

Image credit: Villeroy & Boch

Add natural elements

Adding natural materials and accessories can help to create a relaxing atmosphere. Surfaces and textures like wood, bamboo and cotton can be used to bring nature from the outside in. Villeroy & Boch has a number of collections including Collaro, Antao and Finion which offer wood-toned furniture that radiates warmth and comfort. Introducing practical but pleasing wooden accessories also increase cosiness – a rustic stool can be used as a table and wooden bath shelves provide space for a book and or a cup of warming herbal tea.

white freestanding bath next to a plant and a window with a wooden stool in the bathroom

Image credit: Villeroy & Boch

Use soothing colours 

Incorporating comforting colours such as wintry blues or serene greens into the bathroom can help create a soothing atmosphere. However, it is important to think beyond just tiles and paint when thinking about your comforting colour scheme. Villeroy & Boch’s Artis washbasin range is a great option. The collection offers four forms and nine colours, which are perfect for incorporating calming colours into the wellness oasis.

rust artis washbasin by Villeroy & Boch

Image credit: Villeroy & Boch


A functional bathroom is essential for a stress-free experience. With this in mind, choose fixtures and fittings that maximise space and make it easy to keep a bathroom clutter-free and organised. The Subway 3.0 collection from Villeroy & Boch is designed with functionality at the forefront without forgetting design considerations.

sage green bathroom walls with white bath and wooden surfaces from Villeroy & Boch

Image credit: Villeroy & Boch

Consider lighting

Avoid stark white lighting when designing a bathroom. Where possible, ensure that the bathroom is bathed in natural light by adding windows or even a skylight. Where this isn’t feasible, consider adding gentle lighting so that the user can customise the light to be softer. To do this, add dimmable ceiling lights or alternative forms of lighting such as More to See Lite mirrors from Villeroy & Boch.

stone coloured theano bath by Villeroy & Boch set on a stone surface

Image credit: Villeroy & Boch

Bring the outside in

Finally, focussing on nature will always contribute to a sense of wellness and can be easily achieved by incorporating plants into the design as many plants thrive in the tropical humidity of the bathroom. Bringing nature into the bathroom can help to create a calm, natural oasis which is the perfect place to relax and unwind from everyday stresses. Alongside adding colour, they also add texture to the bathroom and keep the bathroom looking lush and green as well as being a nod towards biophilic design.

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Main image credit: Villeroy & Boch