Fancy a dip? Inside the revived Pasadena Hotel & Pool

Stonehill Taylor has reimagined the historic Pasadena Hotel & Pool, inspired by the golden age of the 1920s in California…

Pasadena Hotel & Pool courtyard with outdoor furniture and yellow pops of colour

The building that shelters Pasadena Hotel & Pool dates back to 1926. It was originally unveiled during the city’s renaissance, purchased by a local prominent businesswoman, known as Constance G.L. Perry upon its completion.

Today, the hotel, which has just about stood the test of time, has been revived to reflect a modern era of travel while also honouring the property’s rich past with a nod to a Spanish colonial influence. The renovation was completed by Stonehill Taylor, the studio that completed projects such as The Ned NoMad and Ace Brooklyn. The designers’ brief was centred around the public areas; to redesign the lobby, courtyard space and pool deck.

Pasadena Hotel & Pool - pool area

Image credit: Pasadena Hotel & Pool

Pasadena, located in the northern tip of Los Angeles, became a popular tourist destination for those looking to escape cold winters, leading to a surge of developments centered around the arts, such as playhouses, art galleries, and musical theatres. Inspired by this Golden Age of Pasadena, the redesign incorporates hints of the 1920s displayed through sourced, unique, and vintage artwork, as well as Californian Mission Style furnishings, creating a layered atmosphere. The furniture throughout the public areas feels like it has been collected over the years to evoke a residential, laidback vibe.

Pasadena Hotel’s exterior features stucco-clad walls, and neoclassical details are carried over into the interiors. To modernise the space while recognising its past, Stonehill Taylor kept the coffered ceiling and restored the original terracotta flooring to highlight the property’s distinctive history. The design team sourced many of the furnishings from flea markets and antique go-tos.

The dark-lit lobby inside the 1920s hotel

Image credit: Pasadena Hotel & Pool

Stonehill Taylor transformed the lobby to a modern and comfortable space with Spanish colonial influences paired with collected furnishings. The walls have been repainted from an off-white to a moody chocolate brown colour. Warm finishes make the space feel inviting. Infills of patterned terracotta tiles were added to embellish the property’s original historic flooring. Terracotta and neutral tones stand out against the darker warmer hues, creating a striking colour contrast. Mirrored panels were replaced with a tile that has a Spanish motif for a dramatic layering impact. The design team placed a wallcovering behind the fireplace and in the phone booths to create a striking, mural-like effect. Collections of artworks, and some sourced pieces, are displayed throughout the interiors framed in gold to add another layer of contrast to the dark walls.

A calm and moody lounge area inside Pasadena Hotel & Pool

Image credit: Pasadena Hotel & Pool

Meanwhile, the bar features wire, brushed oak wood and marble. The repeated square motifs on the ceiling and original door paneling inspired the trim details on the bar face. Comfortable chairs and seating convey a lounge-like feel for guests. The collection of furniture allows for groups of people to sit and socialise while the back-bar feels very simple with its traditional styling.

The simple, textured bar inside the 1920s hotel in Los Angeles

Image credit: Pasadena Hotel & Pool

Outside, the courtyard space has been revitalised as an area for guests to come in and lounge in the morning or enjoy a drink at night. Stonehill Taylor incorporated touches of lush greenery accompanied by light blues and pinks to create a relaxed atmosphere. To pull the space together, each corner is designed with two towering birds of paradise, whose blossoms add bright colouring to the courtyard. The legacy of the hotel shines through the tiling, flagstone floor and elements from the original hotel opening. A standout component of the courtyard is the fountain with a grand, glazed urn surrounded by the original tile.

Steeped in history, which has been blended into the redesign of the hotel’s public areas, Pasadena Hotel & Pool has been brought back to life through an injection of colour, patterns and design solutions that make it as grand as it was when it opened in the roaring ’20s.

Main image credit: Pasadena Hotel & Pool