Deputy Editor Megan Christopher discusses why the Ruby Group’s recent launch is an enticing prospect for digital nomads…

desks under glass roof at Ruby workspaces

As a digital nomad for the past two years, I’ve learned a valuable lesson: a good work environment can make all the difference. Sure, the freedom to work from anywhere is a perk, but sometimes that “anywhere” ends up being a noisy hostel common room or a sun-drenched beach that looks great on Zoom but offers zero WIFI. Recently, I discovered Ruby Workspaces, and it’s completely transformed my work-travel experience.

ruby workspaces vienna

Image credit: Ruby Workspaces

Let me tell you why. Firstly, lets start with the important bits, reliable, high-speed WIFI is a non-negotiable for any remote worker. Forget scrambling for a decent connection at a café – Ruby workspaces includes it all in its membership package, along with unlimited coffee (a lifesaver for many of us). But it’s not just about the essentials. The ergonomic furniture ensures those long work sessions don’t leave you with back pain, and private office spaces and meeting rooms offer a level of professionalism that can be hard to find on the road.

But what truly sets Ruby Workspaces apart is its understanding of the digital nomad lifestyle. We crave not just a comfortable place to work, but also a sense of community. Ruby Group gets this. The workspaces are designed to foster interaction, with inviting common areas that feel more like a vibey co-working space than a sterile office. Many locations even host social events, from game nights to live music – a perfect way to unwind after a productive day and meet fellow nomads.

ruby workspaces ninu malta

Image credit: Ruby Workspaces

This focus on community is where Ruby Hotels, its sister company, also shines. The strategically located hotels, like the new Ruby Ninu in Malta, put solo travellers right in the heart of the action. The rooms are cosy and stylish, but it’s also the communal spaces – think 24/7 bars and rooftop terraces – that truly stand out. These areas encourage interaction and connection, where you can meet this weeks closest friends or future business partners.

ruby hotels bedroom

Image credit: Ruby Hotels

This combined approach – high quality workspaces alongside welcoming hotels – is what makes the Ruby Hotels & Workspaces such a compelling option for digital nomads. It allows us to seamlessly integrate work, social interaction and cultural immersion, all under one roof (or, more accurately, a portfolio of strategically located roofs!).

So, if you’re a digital nomad looking to ditch unreliable WIFI and uncomfortable chairs, and find a work environment that fosters both productivity and connection, then Ruby Workspaces is definitely worth checking out. After all, who wouldn’t want to find focus and friendship in a vibrant new city every few months?

Main image credit: Ruby Workspaces