Weekly briefing: A new design podcast, Moxy arrivals & 2021 colour trends

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    Weekly briefing: A new design podcast, Moxy arrivals & 2021 colour trends

    Huddle in, folks. Editor Hamish Kilburn here with your weekly briefing of the biggest stories that have been published on Hotel Designs in the last few days. Is everyone sitting comfortably? Let’s begin…

    Gif of top stories of the week on Hotel Designs

    “Finally some good news,” said nobody, ever, on the editorial desk at Hotel Designs, because despite hospitality still suffering as a result of the pandemic there are always room for positive stories to focus on. And this week was no exception. As our in-house team furiously prepare to serve up our third Hotel Designs LIVE, we have also been busy launching and promoting our new podcast and publishing engaging content such as a colour trends forecast for all of you who are alergic to colour trends (spoiler: nature is calling).

    So, let’s get started, shall we? Here are what I am calling the hottest hotel design stories of the week:

    Episode 1 of DESIGN POD has landed

    DESIGN POD logo

    In each episode, the new podcast for all designers and architects, which can be listened to on all major podcast platforms such as SpotifyAmazon Music and Acast, will welcome influential guests to share their opinions on the conversations and challenges that are shaping our industry. Together, they are embracing innovation while balancing the important issues we all face as modern designers and architects.

    In association with series sponsor Bathroom Brands Group, the first episode of DESIGN POD explores the topic of ‘choosing your lane’ in both architecture and design. In order put some personality into this topic, Kilburn interviews special guest interior designer Constanina Tsoutsikou, the former Creative Director of HBA London and founder of Studio LOST, to understand the process and challenges that came with launching her new design studio, Studio LOST.

    Listen here:

    Colour trends: A trends forecast for designers who are allergic to trends

    Image of pink colour on walls and black outdoor furniture indoors

    Image credit: Stefen Tan/Unsplash

    A year after hospitality lost its colour due to the outbreak of Covid-19, we’ve asked brand strategist Emma Potter to inject our pages with some vibrancy. Here, she explores colour’s role in post-pandemic hospitality and hotel design.

    Read more.

    Moxy madness: Moxy arrives in Miami, South Beach

    Image of ensuite in stylish Moxy room

    Image credit: Moxy Hotels

    Moxy South Beach has arrived in Miami’s Art Deco District. Lightstone, the developers behind three award-winning Moxy hotels in New York City, worked with design firm Rockwell Group and architect Kobi Karp to create a stylish, playful open-air concept celebrating Miami’s cosmopolitan culture.

    Read more.

    Last chance to sign up to Hotel Designs LIVE

    Main image for Hotel Designs LIVE

    Hotel Designs LIVE, the one-day virtual conference for designers, architects, hoteliers and developers that has just been shortlisted at the Digital Event Awards, takes place on Tuesday February 23 – and it will shelter four engaging panel discussions with world-renowned hospitality and design experts.

    Participate. | Read more.

    And that’s your lot! Have an enjoyable and safe weekend, and in the meantime we will get cracking to create next week’s juicy headlines which include a behind-the-scenes look into design firm Wimberly Interiors and all the action from Hotel Designs LIVE.

    Since you’re here…

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    Main image credit: Moxy Hotels

    Hamish Kilburn / 19.02.2021


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