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  • Top stories of the week: Brit List deadline approaches, interactive reviews and art outside the frame

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    Hotel Designs editor Hamish Kilburn breaks down this week’s top stories…

    Here we are again, just days away from London Design Festival and already the beady eyes of the design world are focusing their attention on Britain – as if their focus was ever elsewhere. In the week leading up to when London comes alive as it unveils more trends, products and fabulous discussions – all of which I will be following and sharing live updates on Hotel Designs – we have been at the centre of some major headlines. Our brand takes a leap in welcoming new interactive photography technology into our hotel reviews, and art outside the frames in the public areas was another hotly discussed topic. In addition, do not forget, the deadline to enter this year’s Hotel Designs Brit List is this Sunday, as is the cut-off date for purchasing early bird tickets. So, as I set my out of office ahead of London Design Festival – and advise people to tweet @hoteldesigns if you want to schedule a meeting with the team – here are the top five stories of the week.

    1) BRIT LIST: Just three days left to secure your early bird tickets

    There is just three days left in order to claim your early bird tickets to this year’s Brit List, which will take place on November 22 at BEAT London.

    2) Art outside the frame in the hotel lobby

    Earlier this month we discussed how the hotel lobby’s purpose in international hotel design has changed in recent years to cater to the increasing demands of modern travellers. What once was a place to sit and wait when checking in and out has now opened new possibilities to provide meeting areas, lounges, bars and even – in some extreme circumstances – nightclubs. At the forefront of this shift is the overall attention to detail when designing the lobby to create a lasting strong first impression – and much of this detail is focused on the walls.

    3) New Amy Winehouse artwork revealed at Hard Rock Hotel London

    Image credit: Hard Rock Hotel

    Despite its opening not being unveiled until Spring next year, Hard Rock Hotel London is fast becoming London’s most anticipated opening in 2019 as it has now revealed a sneak peek of the specially commissioned that will be put on display in the hotel’s 1,000 guestrooms and suites.

    4) Four statement features for your boutique hotel

    The word ‘boutique’ is symbolic of something that extra bit special. Therefore, when looking to create memorable rooms, making sure each of them features a design, theme or piece of furniture that aids their originality is key to transforming your residence from a basic place to stay to a special boutique hotel.

    5) Stepping in before checking in

    Check in at Hotel Indigo York

    Surprises, when it comes to the overall hotel look, feel and experience, are not often well received among modern travellers when checking in to a design hotel. A hotel, thats photographs online do not reflect the reality, are setting their guests – and their business for that matter – up for a loss. Instead, modern guests strive for a seamless experience led by the clever design of the building and its interiors. Reflect this in the marketing, and you are on to a winner, will allow your guests to check in to a familiar home.




    Hamish Kilburn / 14.09.2018


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