SPOTLIGHT ON: Bentley Hotel rooms and Lamborghini furniture in the fast lane

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    With this month’s focus being on weird and wonderful Hotel Concepts around the globe, Hotel Designs stitched the lining of these very quirky – and slightly ‘out there’ automotive designs and Lamborghini sofas…

    Fast cars and flash hotel rooms are nothing new. In 2014, St Regis Istanbul famously unveiled the Bentley Suite, which played on the concept of automotive luxury design. A sofa lounge, with signature Bentley diamond upholstery in Bentley linen leather, brought Bentley’s distinctive motoring luxury to life. From the curved veneered walls, in Bentley smoked fiddleback eucalyptus, to the elegant upholstery, the suite’s shapely architecture skillfully reflected the Continental GT’s seductive lines.

    Bentley Suite, Istanbul

    St Regis Istanbul

    In June this year, Hotel Designs reported on the hotel bathroom that was inspired by the design of a supercar. Working predominately in carbon fibre and taking design cues from the world of the supercar, award-winning designer Charles Wan was developing a number of unique automotive bathroom styles.

    Now, with much hype around creating moments within a hotel experience, the Lamborghini sofa could be coming to a hotel guestroom near you.

    The racing sofas, designed and manufactured by Design Epicentrum,  are a unique combination of realistic sport cars and comfortable seats with elegant leather upholstery. Next to such furniture is not a way to pass indifferently – they are created to play a main role in the space arrangement.

    With Lamborghini sofas now on the market – albeit limited edition – the question over how far hotel concepts can go continues to be asked.


    Hamish Kilburn / 16.08.2018


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