Supercar design influences luxury bathroom styling

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    The sweeping lines and curves that you normally associate with the design of a supercar, coupled with a material that is synonymous with luxury cars, is coming to a bathroom near you…

    The Hong Kong-based Alvarae Design Studio is working with award-winning designer Charles Wan to create a number of unique bathroom styles that replicate the precision and design of a supercar.

    Working predominately in carbon fibre and taking design cues from the world of the supercar, Wan is currently developing a number of unique bathroom styles for each of the guest suites at the exclusive private VIP members club in northern China.

    “As China’s premier integrated automobile experience destination for entertainment, retail and racing we felt that it was important that members connect and engage with the brand experience throughout their visit and what better place is there than relaxing in a custom designed luxury bathroom,” said Charles Wan from Alvarae Design Studio.

    Each bathroom will be created with the craftsmanship of an artisan keen to meet any customer desire with the qualities of manufacturing to the very highest technical standards. Each is styled to combine art in design with leading edge technology so as to create the ultimate user experience in a world where the ordinary is not acceptable.

    The thoughtfully contemporary design will enable each piece to be a focal point that is defined by both the excitement it creates and for its undeniable visual appeal, which is a reflection of the integrity of the designer to create luxury, yet maintain a minimalist aesthetic.

    Each bathroom will have a number of unique features and finishes including; the La Baignoire stand alone bath (that changes colour to reflect your mood) along with exclusively designed his & hers matching wash hand basins.

    Customised TOTO Neorest with the silhouette of the seat picked out using a soft glow LED lighting, which creates a stunning ambiance and of course helps guide you safely and comfortably on even the darkest of nights.

    Custom made shower trays and seating together with a whole host of individually created colour coordinated accessories all designed to make for the perfect stay and brand engagement.

    Hamish Kilburn / 01.06.2018


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