Q&A: Pergo’s Chief Sustainability Officer, Tim Mulle

    Tim Mulle, chief sustainability officer at Pergo
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    In our guest blog last week, Hotel Designs Directory members Pergo shared their ethos and approach to environmentally responsible and sustainability-conscious design and manufacture of their products. This week, their chief sustainability officer Tim Mulle expands on this and explains in more detail…

    Q. How does Pergo view sustainability?
    A. Unusually for our industry we have a whole department dedicated to covering all aspects of sustainability. This means that we can make significant commitments such as an almost energy-neutral production cycle for our lamination process. Nearly all the heat needed comes from the burning of the waste products of the process itself.

    Q. Other industries such as technology have built-in obsolescence that drives future sales. Why does Pergo manufacture products that last so long?
    A. Obsolescence is not our strategy. We offer excellence in durability because we believe that the long life of our products is the best solution for all of our futures. We would rather grow our business by having our customers as our best advertisers.

    Q. How important are the various certifications regarding sustainability?
    A. These are important but becoming confusing in the market place as there are so many — LEED, FSC, Nordic Swan, PEFC, to name a few. We are going to have to start manufacturing longer floorboards just to put all the different logos on! Currently we are working on an initiative to actively develop a single, new label that will allow consumers to better understand sustainability.

    For more information on Pergo’s sustainability commitment and their products, visit www.pro.pergo.co.uk
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    Daniel Fountain / 11.05.2016

    Editor, Hotel Designs


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