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Tim Mulle, chief sustainability officer at Pergo

Q&A: Pergo’s Chief Sustainability Officer, Tim Mulle

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In our guest blog last week, Hotel Designs Directory members Pergo shared their ethos and approach to environmentally responsible and sustainability-conscious design and manufacture of their products. This week, their chief sustainability officer Tim Mulle expands on this and explains in more detail…

Q. How does Pergo view sustainability?
A. Unusually for our industry we have a whole department dedicated to covering all aspects of sustainability. This means that we can make significant commitments such as an almost energy-neutral production cycle for our lamination process. Nearly all the heat needed comes from the burning of the waste products of the process itself.

Q. Other industries such as technology have built-in obsolescence that drives future sales. Why does Pergo manufacture products that last so long?
A. Obsolescence is not our strategy. We offer excellence in durability because we believe that the long life of our products is the best solution for all of our futures. We would rather grow our business by having our customers as our best advertisers.

Q. How important are the various certifications regarding sustainability?
A. These are important but becoming confusing in the market place as there are so many — LEED, FSC, Nordic Swan, PEFC, to name a few. We are going to have to start manufacturing longer floorboards just to put all the different logos on! Currently we are working on an initiative to actively develop a single, new label that will allow consumers to better understand sustainability.

For more information on Pergo’s sustainability commitment and their products, visit www.pro.pergo.co.uk
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Pergo Environment

Guest Blog – Pergo: ‘Meeting demands of the environmentally conscious…’

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Eco-consciousness and sustainability is having more and more of an impact on how hotels are designed and built – not to mention how they are decorated inside. Guests are becoming savvy and expect hotel groups to offer a product that meets their standards of environmental responsibility; much the same way as they do with their food products or their cars.

Guest bloggers and Hotel Designs Directory members Pergo talk below about how their products are being used by ecologically-minded hoteliers and designers…

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Environmental issues press more and more heavily on us all as the realisation of the fragility of our planet begins to dawn on us. Who can honestly say these days that they don’t look at the provenance and number of artificial additives in their products or the overall ecological promises of a brand?

Hotel guests are equally insistent. What are the corporate and socially responsibility ambitions of the hotel operator? The travel managers of large corporates do not allow bookings at hotels that do not meet their own minimum standards for recycling and waste management, re-use, local sourcing, the environmental-suitability of cleaning products and similar criteria.

Pergo Environment

These factors are used to judge whether or not your hotel makes it on the preferred supplier list of companies who need thousands of room nights every year. At a more personal level, checks on the availability of hypoallergenic pillows and whether or not the hotel has got carpets or wood floors are becoming more commonplace from health-conscious guests.

And surely the most environmentally-sound products are those that last forever. Stone is a good example. Take a marble bath surround that never has to be replaced then. Putting aside the environmental costs of procurement and installation, it is truly sustainable.

Similarly Pergo’s commitment to quality means that they can offer lifetime warranties on most of their products. Not only does this express supreme confidence it also shows a commitment to a sustainable future. Another commitment by Pergo is to only use wood sourced from sustainable forests having either the FSC or PEFC certification. Every tree used is replaced and therefore CO2 emissions are naturally stored in the wood flooring. How neat is that!?

For more information on Pergo’s sustainability commitment and their products, visit pro.pergo.co.uk
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E: laura.sandles@unilin.co.uk

Pergo Quiet Floors

Guest Blog – Pergo: ‘Sweet dreams are made of underlay flooring…’

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A good night’s sleep is, without doubt, one of the key selling points and minimum requirements of a hotel. Attention is rightly paid to a whole host of factors to ensure it’s delivered – the bed, the mattress, the pillows, the corridor acoustics. But what about flooring? Limiting noise from above and below a room is just as important to ensuring guests’ ‘beauty sleep’, something Hotel Directory members Pergo know all about and discuss below…

A ‘home-from-home’ might be what you think you want from a hotel experience but the reality is not necessarily the case.

Cosy and comfortable, yes. But if you live in a period home, do you really want its creaks and squeaks repeated on the road? The expansion and contraction of heating pipes, the creaking floorboards and stair treads that almost become endearing little storytellers of your home.

Prime amongst the components of a good night’s sleep is quiet. The life of the traveller is filled with clutter. Especially for those enduring a new or unfamiliar city. There maybe issues of language, food, directions, time zones, internet access, etc. The fewer distractions when trying to recharge and recuperate the better.

Pergo Quiet Floors

Therefore, sound-proofing guestrooms is a no-brainer. Fail to pay attention to this and watch those TripAdvisor ratings crash, noisily, to the floor. All noise is a nuisance. For the sleeper, silence is golden. Problematically this peace can be “attacked’ from all sides. From this side or that.

Rooms need to be sound-proofed from one to the other, from the corridor and externally. There are specific technical ratings for wall and door components plus the room’s glazing that help towards minimising these sources of disruption. From above or below. Whilst the in-room acoustics are largely taken care of by the many absorbing materials such as curtains, blinds, artwork, loose furnishings, rugs and bed linens, the noise transmission between rooms is a major issue.

Hard flooring surfaces may look great, wear well and be extremely hygienic but the writing is on the wall or floor, or even ceiling above you. They can be noisy. The clatter, clump and click of your neighbour’s shoes. The screech and scratch of furniture being moved around. All disturbing your sleep.

Pergo Quiet Floors

For a reduction in noise transmission from both corridors and adjacent rooms Pergo’s underlays have proven qualities. Extensive trials and testing using scenarios with and without underlay in specifically constructed laboratory conditions show performance gains in the reduction of the spread of noise.

Take, for example, vinyl. Pergo’s underlay sees the index for the absorption of impact sounds rise from 4dB to 18dB. A significant improvement in the amount of sound absorbed by the underlay. Sleep tight!

For more information on Pergo’s sound-absorbing underlay and other products in their range, visit http://pro.pergo.co.uk

Pergo Flooring example in Beijing

Q&A: Pergo’s Design Director, Oke Nollet

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An enormous amount of strain is put on a hotel’s flooring, especially in the public areas. It stands to reason that it needs to be able to withstand a high level of wear-and-tear. Functionality is key. The difficult part, however, for manufacturers is creating a product that fits the bill from a designer’s perspective as well.

With more than 35 years experience in the flooring industry, Hotel Designs Directory members Pergo has been at the forefront of successfully doing just that. Recently, the firm’s Design Director Oke Nollet shared her thoughts on getting design just right…

Pergo Design Director Oke NolletQ. How do you see the market today in terms of consumer desires?
A. We see two broad consumer trends. The nostalgic group who appreciate artisanship, authenticity, real woods and stone. Then there is the Past Forward to the Future set. They accept imitation. In fact they think imitation is fantastic. There is a desire for traditional materials but they want the superior performance of technically advanced products. I call it ‘faux bois’. An extension of the idea of ‘faux fur’ in fashion.

Q. What are the main interior trends you are seeing currently?
A. The main trend is ‘perfection vs imperfection’. You see it everywhere, from fashion to architecture to interior design. These days, perfection conveys a certain sobriety that nevertheless exudes style and elegance. This is why Scandinavian design is back. Next to that we embrace imperfections; wooden floors are therefore allowed to exhibit cracks and deviations. These natural deviations add a touch of warmth and nonchalance to an interior In terms of colours, fashion is the pioneer.

We will see warmer oranges and browns coming through, to offset all the black furniture that is around. Nevertheless, grey floors will be everywhere and combine perfectly with trendy styles such as the new Memphis. In term of materials, as our lives are accelerating, we want to stay in touch with nature so there is a development towards more floral and plant-influenced design using botanical prints and lots of plants in our interiors.

Pergo Sensation laminate flooring

Q. And how are these trends interpreted at Pergo?
A. We have a dedicated in-house design team looking at general design trends and how they can be implemented across different sectors such as hospitality, retail and healthcare. We are able to react pretty quickly to what is happening so we look about 12 months ahead.

For example, we wanted to use pinewood to give us that Scandinavian-look but the softness of pine makes it unsuitable for the demands of flooring. Imagine the impact of each and every high heel on a pine floor! So we have used patterns directly from Norwegian pine boards to create a super tough laminate alternative. This is the perfect, natural-looking brushed white pine in our new Sensations range.


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