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    Portuguese furniture company exhibits furniture at Decorex inspired by emotions as it attempts to challenge conventional hotel furniture…

    A Portuguese furniture company has exhibited new furniture that is inspired by human emotion at this year’s Decorex during London Design Festival. There’s a thin line between a functional object and artwork. Emotional Objects aren’t just objects, they are almost art pieces. Unique and perfectly crafted by passionate Portuguese designers and artisans, in Portugal.

    True to ensuring that each product is bespoke, all of its objects are handcrafted or handpainted with love. “We treat furniture as art and when they leave, a part of us goes with them,” said owner and architect Joao Faria on his stand at Decorex. Faria does not believe his product is in the category of a being a ‘luxury product. “Luxury brands spend a lot of time and money creating a sense of… Luxury. Selling a lifestyle instead of their products and making you believe that buying their product makes you hip,” he explained.

    “The company tries to take its objects a little bit further than its function”

    Emotional Objects are designed and manufactured with the sole purpose to make a connection with us as people. The company tries to take its objects a little bit further than its function, bushing the boundaries of design. “Our objects aren’t transparent; they make us smile every time we use them. That is an Emotional Object,” explained Faria. “An object that relates to us, with our life and taste.”

    Roots Console and Mirror

    “Roots” is a line of furniture inspired in the Sacred Ceiba tree in Havana. A line goes around the volume of the pieces and changes its expression just like a root. “After all nature is the mother of all forms,” said Faria. “It is only necessary to go a little bit further…” In 2016, the coffee table won an “A’ Design Award” in “Furniture, Decorative Items and Homeware Design” category.

    Emotional Objects is one of many Portuguese design companies exhibiting at Decorex, a show which Hotel Designs is a proud media partner of.


    Hamish Kilburn / 18.09.2018


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