(In video) Hotel Designs LIVE: Designing the perfect night’s sleep

    Hotel Designs LIVE - Session 2
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    (In video) Hotel Designs LIVE: Designing the perfect night’s sleep

    The fifth edition of Hotel Designs LIVE, sponsored by and filmed from Minotti London, invited world renowned designers, architects and hospitality experts to, once again, define the point of hotel design on an global scale while keeping the conversation flowing throughout. The second session of the day, sponsored by Silentnight Group, looked at how to create the perfect nights’ sleep. Grab a coffee and let’s begin…

    Hotel Designs LIVE - Session 2

    On August 10, designers, architects, hoteliers and developers from around the globe tuned in to watch the latest edition of Hotel Designs LIVE. The event, which first launched in June 2020 to keep the industry connected while keeping the conversation flowing, took place virtually – broadcasted at Minotti London’s Fitzrovia showroom, and included four engaging panel discussions with world-renowned hospitality and design experts on the following topics:

    • A design assault on the senses
    • Designing the perfect nights’ sleep
    • Design, beneath the surface
    • Social spaces in 2021 & beyond

    Following an engaging and energetic first session, which looked at sensory design and hospitality, the audience were invited in to find their inner zen as attention switched towards sleep performance. With new innovations and technology taking bold leaps as each day passes, the aim for this session was to explore the science behind getting the best nights’ sleep.

    On the panel:

    • Hannah Shore, Sleep Expert, (Session Sponsor)
    • Nathan Hutchins, Founder, Muza Lab
    • Ananth Ramaswamy, Project Architect, The Doyle Collection

    To introduce this meaningful session, it was integral for the audience to first understand the role of a sleep expert, which was highlighted in detail in a recent masterclass Hotel Designs hosted with Silentnight Group. “We obviously look into sleep and sleep research,” Shore said. “We also look at sleep personalisation, how sleep is affected in different scenarios – ultimately to establish how the mattress can help us to sleep better.”

    One term Shore uses throughout the session is ‘TLC’, which is an acronym for temperature, light and comfort; three areas she and her team look at when monitoring sleep performance.

    Also on the panel was Nathan Hutchins, a designer believes the team TLC is about the whole package. “TLC is about making people feeling good,” he said. “It’s about the entire environment of the hotel and the bedroom that we all create, from the bed to the architecture to the design, around leading guests into a sense of security and relaxation as they enter their hotel room.”

    Ananth Ramaswamy joined the panel wearing the Doyle Collection hat, which allowed the audience to use the brand as somewhat of a case study. “We design our bedrooms around sleep performance,” he explained. “We have eight hotels [in the collection], and all are sheltered in different architectural buildings. Sleep is a very important touchpoint and everything that surrounds the bed is very considered.”

    Here’s the full video of the panel discussion (on demand), which was produced by CUBE:

    The full recordings of the first session, A design assault on the senses, is now available to watch on-demand.  The other two sessions (‘Design, beneath the surface and Social spaces in 2021 & beyond) will be available to watch on-demand shortly.

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    Hamish Kilburn / 25.08.2021


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