Four seasons opens its first Greece hotel

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    Long a favoured playground of Athenians and international celebrities, the Astir Palace Hotel is now being transformed into the first Four Seasons experience in Greece. Following a significant renovation and reinvention, a new generation of travellers is poised to fall in love with this very special seaside enclave…

    Four Seasons Astir Palace Hotel AthensJust minutes from the historic city centre of Athens stands a pine-clad peninsula jutting into the Aegean Sea. Now home to the new Four Seasons Astir Palace Hotel confirmed to open March 29, 2019.

    Guests will have a choice of rooms that include: Mid-century modern Nafsika building with azure sea views, laidback relaxation in the Bauhaus-esque Arion and the ultimate in beachside luxury with 61 renovated Bungalows nestled among the trees at the water’s edge.

    Sam IoannidisFour Seasons Astir Palace Hotel Athens, the Hotel’s General Manager, said: “Nowhere in the world do ancient culture and modern lifestyle come together so beautifully than in Greece.

    “With our close proximity to the city – just 30 minutes from both the Acropolis and the airport – the ideal Greek vacation has never been more accessible. Whether taking a quick break or staying a few weeks to take in all the sights and immerse yourself in the glamour and fun of the Athenian Riviera.”

    Hamish Kilburn / 18.12.2018


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