Everything you need to know about hospitality salaries and staff expectations

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    Everything you need to know about hospitality salaries and staff expectations

    Salaries and conditions in hospitality can be a touchy subject. It’s sometimes hard to know exactly what your staff need — and expect — to do their jobs properly. Planday’s industry expert Jonne Tanskanen explains how you can get an exclusive look at what your staff want with the results of the largest hospitality salary survey…

    If you asked your staff to rank the changes they would like at work, what would they say?

    For 66 per cent of hospitality workers in the UK, the answer is better financial remuneration. Then it’s a better work-life balance and the opportunities for training, development and promotion. 

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    So what — exactly — does that look like?

    Discussions about salaries and conditions can be touchy and it’s a challenge to balance the investment you need to make in people to create quality experiences and keep your business plan on track. In a busy hotel, you can often schedule staff for the right number of hours but then reality gets in the way and your staff do more overtime, often with very little notice.

    Smart businesses understand that the best possible investment any hotel can make is in finding, training and keeping quality staff. They create better experiences for your guests, keep loyal customers coming back and help you grow your business along with it.

    But keeping quality staff longer takes investment and time for any HR Manager. And that’s why Planday recently partnered with the Hotel, Restaurant and Catering Show to hear exactly what more than 1,800 hospitality staff want. 

    In an exclusive report that you can download today, you’ll get the data you need to help keep your employees happy and grow your business.

    Join the hundreds of hospitality businesses around the world with the insight they need to keep quality staff for longer.

    • Understand the importance of employee benefits
    • View what benefits are available and used throughout the industry
    • Learn about other drivers that keep employees in their role
    • See the average annual salaries of hospitality workers
    • Find out how many extra hours are usually added to contracted amount per week
    • Read what hospitality employees feel about their work-life balance

    Make a smarter investment in the staff that help you stand out from the crowd. Get the insights you need today. 

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    Hamish Kilburn / 23.07.2020


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