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    Is it a nightmare keeping track of rotas, payroll and employee admin in a busy hotel like yours?

    Non-digital systems are prone to mistakes and can leave you caught short. It’s hard to get an overview, sort people by skillset to get the right person for the job or see who is available for a shift. It’s a waste of your time and costs you money. This can cost your hotel thousands in wasted hours and demotivate staff who can’t track their hours or holidays simply.

    Planday improves the lives of shift workers and their employers across the globe, with a revolutionary workforce collaboration platform.

    An easy-to-use, flexible platform, it empowers both managers and employees to collaborate and work more efficiently by increasing transparency, open communication alongside integrated business tracking and reporting.

    Let your employees get the job done smarter with open communication, shift swapping and bidding for open shifts – all while the intelligent tracking allows you to better manage costs.

    With a whole ecosystem of integrations and partnerships, Planday can work seamlessly with the payroll and POS systems you already use, saving you time and money and getting important things like payroll right. Our GDPR-compliant platform and app lets you store the contract data you need and set up alerts for the working time rules your people need to comply with, eliminating costly mistakes.

    Reduce your manual mistakes and take the guesswork out of creating rotas so you can concentrate on what really matters – delivering the best possible customer experiences.

    Smart businesses understand that one of the greatest drivers of people away from a business is poor customer service. Guest experiences are more important than ever before, and good service is what can set your hotel apart from the competition. Better reviews and experiences mean your hotel can make more money, because it’s people that make the difference. At the same time, good staff have never been easier for your competitor to poach, leaving you short.

    But using Planday, you can embrace flexibility, open communication and correct pay and time tracking, boosting your employee engagement and looking after the staff who make your hotel a success – which keeps them around for much longer. In turn, your guests get better service and are more likely to return and recommend your hotel to others. Show your people they matter and embrace flexibility and transparency with Planday.

    Start working smarter, not harder in your hotel and book your free consultation today.

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