Weekly digest: Hotel openings, a review from Paris & trends galore

    A hotel in the middle of the desert - with a pool and unmatched accomodation
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    Weekly digest: Hotel openings, a review from Paris & trends galore

    Peek-a-boo! Editor Hamish Kilburn here, emerging from the Holidays slumber, with your first weekly digest of 2022 – and it’s a big one! Our list of must-read stories this week features an extensive look at significant hotels openings expected between now and June, a hotel design trends special as well as a hotel review, sent with love, from Paris…

    A hotel in the middle of the desert - with a pool and unmatched accomodation

    And just like that, it was January: a month that crawls by under the shadow of the Holidays. It’s not all dark mornings and freezing evenings, though, as January is a time at Hotel Designs when we put our fortune-telling hats on to explore some of the most significant hotel openings expected over the next 12 months.

    Okay, we may not quite qualify as fortune tellers, but we do our best to keep our readers in the loop on all the latest hotel developments, emerging trends and new products – all while providing an entertaining read (and sometimes listen with our podcast) to keep things aptly light.

    As important as it is for designers, architects, hoteliers, developers and suppliers to keep their fingers of the pulse, it’s not always the easiest of tasks to do when on-the-go and on site (somewhat of a novelty these days). Therefore, the weekly digest, published (you got it, every week) will include all the most-read and must-read stories. Shall we get started?

    Hottest hotel openings anticipated for 2022 (Q1 & Q2)

    A render of a modern, contemporary guestroom bedroom with wooden headboard and a colour scheme of blue, brown and cream

    Image credit: xenodocheio Milos

    Each year, adhering to tradition, we started January on a unique mission: to pinpoint the hottest hotel openings; the game-altering properties that will flex their muscles, challenge conventional approaches to hotel design and effortlessly take hospitality, on an international scale, forward.

    If last year was about recovery, then 2022 will be defined by the designers, architects and hoteliers who are willing to put it all on the line for the sake of innovation and creativity – it’s time to show-off as we gather around the crystal ball once more to see which hotel openings of 2022 will make the biggest impact. And we start the two-part series by taking a glance at the hotels that are expected to arrive in Q1 and Q2.

    Read more.

    Hotel review: Fauchon L’Hotel Paris, where rock & roll meets luxury hospitality

    Hotel suite bedroom with pink accents on bed and mosaic floor, in Fauchon L'Hotel Paris

    Image credit: Fauchon L’Hotel Paris

    Briefed to expect the unexpected, Gareth Thomas sets off on a Parisian adventure – far removed from chichés but still in the beating heart of the action – and checks in and checks out Fauchon L’Hotel Paris, where a bold interior design scheme juxtaposes heritage architecture in the heart of the city.

    Read more.

    Hilton reveals its list of new hotels for 2022

    Cream, blue and gold decor in guestroom at Waldorf Astoria Kuwait

    Image credit: Hilton Collection

    With more than 75 new hotels planned across Europe, the Middle East and Africa in the coming year, Hilton is sharing its optimism and enticing us with their choices. It is starting to feel like it is time to start planning the next year’s jet-setting adventures. From Morocco to Mallorca, here is a taste of what is to come on the Hilton International agenda.

    Read more.

    Architecture structure ‘Phase Dance’ wrapped into the natural world

    Exterior of PHASE DANCE, an architectural structure in forest in Japan

    Image credit:Phase Dance/Koichi Torimura

    Nestled in a hilly forested area in Shizuoka, Japan, Phase Dance is an impressive architectural structure, designed by Takeshi Hirobe Architects. But the journey to create this masterpiece was not as effortless as the result itself.

    Read more.

    7 hotel trends shaping hospitality in 2022

    Render of lady in nest-like space in front of an outdoor pool and modern villa

    Image credit: SB Architects

    As we start look past the crisis period of Covid-19, and start to settle into a ‘new normal’, the definition of hospitality has a new meaning – one of comfort, security and escape. International architecture firm SB Architects has identified which key hotel trends are shaping hospitality design in 2022 and beyond.

    Read more.

    Dream Hotel Group unveils plans for Miami flagship in 2025

    view of Dream Miami Hotel from across the river

    Image credit: Dream Hotel Group

    A new 165-key Dream Hotel has been planned as a centrepiece to the world-class Riverside Wharf hospitality and entertainment development in the heart of Downtown Miami. Here’s what we know.

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    Product watch: The modern Statement shower collection from Kohler

    Matt Black shower in contemporary bathroom. Products supplied by Kohler

    Image credit: Kohler

    The modern Statement shower collection from global brand Kohler brings a range of unique shapes and various sizes to the shower, breathing new, contemporary life into well-loved standards and marrying the latest in technology with enduring craftsmanship. Innovative sprays elevate the showering experience, and universal compatibility means the system works wherever in the world it is installed. Inspired by iconic furniture and home goods, and defined by soft, approachable designs, the collection carries an underlying familiarity while creating striking aesthetics within the space.

    Read more.

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    Main image caption: A render of a resort in the Middle East. | Image credit: SB Architects

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