Meet The Brit List Awards winner who scooped Best in Tech Award

To kickstart our video series in collaboration with GROHE X on the winners from The Brit List Awards 2022, Editor Hamish Kilburn meets with Alexander Marjanovic to understand how ReardonSmith Architects’ innovative thinking to design a new air purification system for The Beaumont Hotel in London led the studio clinching hold of Best in Tech Award…

Alex ReardonSmith

ReardonSmith Architects is familiar with being under the spotlight on the global hospitality stage. The architecture firm has just completed its first stage of design renovation inside The Dorchester while it is working on creating the new Rosewood address in London, sheltered inside the former American Embassy building. But its recent accolade was awarded to the studio for its innovative thinking behind the scenes. Design Director Alexander Marjanovic created a new air purification system for The Beaumont Hotel, with the aim to improve wellbeing and the overall quality of the air in the interior spaces.

The full interview is available to watch on GROHE X.

The new advanced air-purifying, bioclimatic GmbH DBD technology was presented to the hotel’s owners, who, in turn, had the vision to apply it throughout the property. The final result is a cutting-edge technology solution in accordance with the highest health standards, building regulations, and sound engineering practices, in line with the latest recommendations for the prevention of Covid-19 transmission.

It may have been influenced by the pandemic, but the technology was utilised to provide a plethora of wellbeing solutions. In addition to the tech reducing viruses and bacteria in the air and on surfaces, it also increases productivity and psychological health, helps in relieving symptoms of allergies and eliminates the static electricity issue throughout the internal environment.

Applications / nominations for The Brit List Awards 2023 will open in the Summer. The process to apply is free for all designers, architects, hoteliers and suppliers alike. This is one of three videos that Hotel Designs will launch in association with GROHE, Broadcasting Partner of The Brit List Awards, to amplify a handful of the winners from last year’s campaign.

Main image credit: The Brit List Awards 2022