Lighting up Studio Frantzén in Harrods, London

London’s iconic department store called upon the creatives at Northern Lights to create a striking lighting scheme that enhanced the dining experience at Frantzén…

Red and orange design scheme inside restaurant in Harrods

Perched at the top of Harrods in London rests Swedish chef Björn Frantzén’s latest restaurant offering. Studio Frantzén serves critically acclaimed Nordic cuisine with an Asian twist, where diners can expect a fully immersive experience as they enjoy their dishes ‘from the fireplace’. The aesthetics echo the flagship restaurant Frantzén in Stockholm, set in a luxurious and contemporary interpretation of Scandinavian design.

Orange hues inside restaurant in Harrods with icile chandeliers

Image credit: Northern Lights

Swedish designers Joyn Studio were appointed to transport guests from luxury retail to fine dining gastronomy. Nordic energy is injected throughout the impressive double-height atrium and roof terrace overlooking London’s skyline below, where everything from custom tableware, a hand-painted mural and bespoke luminaires has been meticulously designed to create a harmonious, connected atmosphere for guests to enjoy.

In the atrium the lighting emphasises the sheer grandeur of the space with a bespoke French tip candle chandelier, the creation of which was born from a collaboration between designers, consultants and suppliers. Artisan fabricators at Northern Lights worked closely with Front Studio, the concept creators for the chandelier, interior designers Joyn Studio, lighting consultants Lighting Design International, and the Harrods project management team to realise such an ambitious piece in less than eight weeks.

Close up of restaurant in Harrods, with reflective lights on ceiling

Image credit: Northern Lights

Inspired by the beauty of Swedish Christmas lights, the statement piece was expertly engineered by Northern Lights to give the impression of real candles floating effortlessly in mid-air.

“Mild steel was used for the construction of the 14 arms to maintain structural strength, keeping each arm ‘floating in space’, and finished in a custom powder coat chrome finish to subtly reflect the light,” explains Ives Bryan, Design Engineer at Northern Lights. “Each candle section houses individual mini connectors inside to minimise visual impact and facilitate ease of maintenance. One of the slimmest lamp holders available was used inside the vertical tubes to keep the candles as thin and as delicate as possible. The result is a breathtaking display that captures the essence of twinkling floating lights, bringing intimately dimmed, warm feature lighting to the double height space.”

To complement this striking statement piece, the mezzanine ceiling houses fifty bespoke hammered flush mount chrome pendants, ensuring guests below experience an interesting viewpoint of decorative lighting to further add to the intrigue and drama of the building.

The luminaire parts are all replaceable on-site and require minimal maintenance, whilst British manufacture keeps sustainability top of mind through a localised supply chain and a reduced logistical carbon footprint.

“Having worked with Harrods previously, we know their expectations and how to exceed them,” added Donna Bruce, Managing Director at Northern Lights. “This project showcases the passion and expertise of our team to create bespoke lighting installations that really deliver on their promise. It was fantastic to see this piece go through the various stages of production in our factory, but to then see it in-situ – that’s when it really comes alive.”

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Main image credit: Northern Lights