Atlas Concorde & HBA launch 5 exclusively signed designs

A collaboration inspired by common values, Atlas Concorde and HBA have launched five decors that all have a cosmopolitan feel…

A modern, contemporary hotel room with Atlas Concorde walls

Atlas Concorde and design studio HBA have unveiled the labour of their recent collaboration in the development of the Marvel Travertine collection, a project of excellent ceramic surfaces accompanied by an exclusive proposal of textures and geometric patterns designed by HBA.

An aerial image of Marvel Travertine from Atlas Concorde

Image credit: Atlas Concorde

The partnership has been established on shared values and commonality of the corporate cultures of Atlas Concorde and HBA: more than 50 years of experience, international vocation, focus on innovation, trends, and environmental issues. Atlas Concorde is one of the leading international players in the production of porcelain surfaces. HBA is one of the world’s leading hospitality design firm with extensive experience and knowledge of the hospitality sector and a widespread international presence. It currently designs spectacular independent and contemporary hotels, resorts, spas, casinos, restaurants, cruise ships and boutique-hotels, as well as world-renowned high-class residences.

“We and Atlas Concorde share the same passion for design and excellence,” said Ian Carr, CEO, HBA. “As designers of the cities of the future, we have a responsibility to conceive and create spaces that fully respect the environment and people. The surfaces of Atlas Concorde allow us to fully fulfil this mission.”

Atlas Concorde Marvel Travertine in bathroom setting

Image credit: Atlas Concorde

Marvel Travertine represents a collection of extreme realism, inspired by one of the most iconic stones of architecture: Travertine. The collection interprets the grandeur of the inspiration stone in a contemporary key, echoing its look but transforming it into a surface of excellence thanks not only to the shared passion of Atlas Concorde and HBA for architecture and design, but also by a strong bond based on shared values and visions. In addition to having shared research on the potential of the travertine look with Atlas Concorde, HBA exclusively signed a proposal for decors suitable for any type of residential, commercial, and hospitality project.

“After listening to HBA’s vision of architecture and hospitality design as well as the projects that inspire them, I immediately sensed that our organisations shared similar values,” added Maurizio Mazzotti – CEO of Atlas Concorde. “Their talent, connection to their own history, and vision for the future of design architecture make them an important partner who can strengthen our position in the world of prestigious international design.”

A render of a spa with white walls and luxury furniture

Image credit: Atlas Concorde

The collection is a unique range of geometrical patterns created by HBA and characterised by engravings, minimalist patterns, origami effects and inclusions of precious materials that can be used in a variety of project types: residential, commercial, and hospitality.

The partnership with HBA produced this unique range of five decors with a cosmopolitan feel for the collection, combining the experience and creativity of its international and multicultural team.

  • Tassellation: mosaic composed of triangles and squares that fit together dynamically. The effect of movement is accentuated by the alternation of the two graphics (Vein Cut and Cross Cut).
  • Origami: mosaic inspired by Japanese art of the same name, creating the three-dimensional illusion of diamonds emerging from the surface.
  • Basketweave features a woven look created by the different directions of the veins of the Vein Cut finish. Some details of the Cross Cut version ensure that the decor can be combined with both graphic versions.
  • Chiseled Urban Grid: a decor characterised by a balanced succession of marks and engravings across the entire surface. It features a pattern of minimal lines typical of urban architecture, inspired by ancient stone engraving techniques.
  • Diamond is a decor with striking ray geometries on the surface speckled with refined inclusions of precious metals.

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Main image credit: Atlas Concorde