Why listen to the latest DESIGN POD episode on British design?

That’s right, episode 22 of DESIGN POD, the podcast for all design and architecture enthusiasts, is all about understanding the fabrics – the DNA – of British design, with interior designer Sue Timney joining the sofa as a special guest. Editor Hamish Kilburn, host of the podcast, explains why you need to listen…

DESIGN POD Sue Timney and The Water Tower in Kennington

DESIGN POD is a design and architecture podcast that is all about adding context. Episode 22, sponsored by Minotti London, is no exception. With the aim to explore why Britain is a major design hub, we invited the legendary interior designer Sue Timney to understand how by going against the grain, and not being afraid to be on the extreme end of creativity, she was able to make a statement in the interior design arena on a global scale.

“Let’s not forget the ’60s, because we broke out big time!” – Sue Timney speaking on DESIGN POD.

In the latest episode of DESIGN POD, Timney sits back and reflects on the key moments in her career; the pivotal events and projects that allowed her to subtly and not to subtly showcase her style as a designer. The episode was about exploring why British design had such a strong position on the global design scene, but it became so much more than that. Together, we explored diversity, signature styles, boundless creativity, brand identity, designing with empathy and taking graffiti-style risks.

Timney’s interior design studio, more than 30 years in perfecting, specialises in creating one-off interiors within unique architecture settings – an element that leading British designers and architects have always enjoyed most. This work combines residential and commercial projects that sensitively reference aspects of historical and contemporary design, resulting in uniquely accessible spaces. The Water Tower in Kennington, which was featured on Channel 4’s Grand Designs in 2013, was a huge restoration and was a prime example of this creatively mentality. “I remember on the first day after saying yes, I was handed a credit card” she said laughing on the podcast. “I was told that there was no limit on the card, and that was terrifying to me. It was my nightmare, and I just became even more prudent than I would normally be to account for myself.”

Like all true creatives, though, the designer has not been pigeon-holed into designing spaces. Timney, who recently became a judge for The Brit List Awards 2022, has also journeyed into the design and fashion arena. Following commissions from retail giants such as Marks & Spenser and House of Fraser, Kilburn wanted to understand what had to evolve in her creative process to design commercial items on a mass scale over the private and personal spaces she was accustomed to. “I had to think much more across the board [with these projects] rather than considering just what would appeal to one or a few people,” Timney explained on the podcast. “It was a different approach, and it was the perfect time for me because I was very secure in what my brand was, and it was refreshing to think about a new way to put my style across.”

DESIGN POD will drop its next episode on September 19, which will welcome Matthew Balon, Head of Design at Ruby Hotels to explore the concept of ‘lean luxury’.

Main image credit: Sue Timney/Hotel Designs/DESIGN POD