Trophy design revealed for The Brit List Awards 2022

Taking the awards campaign up a deserving notch, The Brit List Awards 2022 has announced that Sans Souci has been confirmed as this year’s trophy partner. Before the free applications/nominations process closes, Editor Hamish Kilburn spoke to Jiří Krišica, Head of Design at the lighting brand, to get a sneak peek of the design behind this year’s bespoke trophies…

Trophy design for The Brit List Awards 2022

For five years now (and counting), The Brit List Awards has been a major event in the design, architecture and hospitality calendar. Since opening the floodgates to the free application/nomination process in June, we have on good authority to believe that this year’s awards campaign will be the most successful yet.

To add a further spark this year’s campaign – and to add a bespoke touch to the awards ceremony on November 2 at PROUD Embankment– this year’s nine individual trophies will be designed by lighting design studio Sans Souci.

“The shape of the award is inspired by a room or a model used in architecture.” – Jiří Krišica, Head of Design at Sans Souci.

Ahead of applications/nominations closing, I caught up with the design team to understand more about the concept behind this year’s trophies. “The concept was to come up with something related to the interior design industry, while keeping it contemporary and in line with the event vibe,” said Jiří Krišica, Head of Design at Sans Souci. “The shape of the award is inspired by a room or a model used in architecture. The open door represents openness and welcoming attitude. The overall piece is made from glass and enhanced with Sans Souci Aurum nanocoating. As the final touch the logo and The Brit List Awards branding is incorporated.”

Angled view of trophy for The Brit List

Image credit: Sans Souci

For The Brit List Awards 2022, seamless and meaningful partnerships has been the driving force of the campaign since its launch, and this year’s decision to include a trophy partner in the mix is not only testament to that mission, but it feels like the right time to take the awards up a level or two. “Our studio works with architects and interior designers on regular basis and it feels natural to be part of events and projects such as The Brit List Awards,” added Krišica. “As a lighting brand we are part of the industry and it is a privilege to see the latest trends and novelties and meet with the creative minds behind the best projects in the hospitality industry.

The design of the trophies for The Brit List Awards had to strike the balance between innovative and statement-like. But it also had to aptly reflect San Souci’s style. “The Aurum nanocoating technology is something we have great expertise in,” explained Krišica. “Our in-house nanocoating facility one of the largest in the region. The design is effortless, but with a twist, which is also characteristics for our products and collections.  The award was made in the North Bohemian, the region famous for glassmaking as all our products.”

The nine individual trophies will be unveiled at The Brit List Awards 2022 Awards Ceremony, which will take place at PROUD Embankment – London’s famous cabaret venue – on November 2. Tickets have just gone on sale. Suppliers can purchase tickets for £150 + VAT and interior designers, architects, hoteliers and developers can purchase tickets for £30 + VAT.

Main image credit: Sans Souci