Strength & beauty: Boost Collection by Atlas Concorde

The Boost Stone collection from Atlas Concorde features the strength of natural stone meets the concrete effect for a look with timeless appeal…

Living room with concrete floor

There’s an ancient natural limestone at the heart of Boost Stone, the new Atlas Concorde collection that interprets the material strength of that rock in an extremely contemporary key. The graphics of Argent Roc limestone are the common thread of an aesthetic study inspired by a rigorous, balanced style, which finds an echo of great charisma in the visual diversity of natural stone.

The new surface range interprets the beauty of stone: with its simple yet welcoming allure, it perfectly matches with the concrete look of the Boost and Boost Pro collections to decorate both indoor and outdoor spaces.

A modern, minimalist bathroom with Atlas Concorde surfaces

Image credit: Atlas Concorde S.p.A

Designed to adorn indoor and outdoor spaces with a contemporary appeal, Boost Stone allows for a great amount of stylistic and design versatility while conveying an extreme level of realism through the rendering of the stone’s natural details.

The vivid look of the stone is combined with a selection of colours, finishes, and decors designed to be matched with the concrete effect of Atlas Concorde’s Boost world, creating a new aesthetic code. Argent Roc natural limestone has a texture with a variety of details, with delicate granular inclusions embedded in the compact base marked by microgranules and thin veins.

A concrete floor looking above coffee table

Image credit: Atlas Concorde S.p.A

The variety of the colour range is a strong point of the collection: 10 highly contemporary colours explore neutral shades – from cool to warm. The varying shades reflect the natural tones of the Argent Roc stone: from the dark grey of the French Pyrenees to the warm inflections of Catalonia. The final harmony of each individual colour is the result of a careful balance of contrasts, a uniform sum of multicolour details.

To respond effectively to the most sought-after design needs, Boost Stone includes a wide range of formats for indoor and outdoor use. With its 10 colours, the collection represents the largest palette in Atlas Concorde’s XL 120×278 format. The latest development is the extra soft Matte finish, which offers an extremely pleasant touch while maintaining a high non-slip coefficient. It’s available in all the formats and is able to fully leverage the aesthetics of natural stone, bringing out its earthy character.

A contemporary building made from Boost Stone from Atlas Concorde

Image credit: Atlas Concorde S.p.A

The selection of decors is divided into four ranges for floors and walls, which interpret the key geometries of a look characterised by formal rigour and simplicity.

Hex Mosaic

Included in the Boost and Boost Pro collections, the Hex Mosaic introduces an avant-garde element to the aesthetic continuum of natural stone. The composition consists of hexagonal tiles and is available in all the colours of the range.

Mosaico Cube

Stone-effect and concrete-effect tiles are harmonious components of this decor. The 30×30 cm base module builds geometric progressions where variable colours and textures rhythmically coexist. Thanks to the particular look of this decor, you can choose between random laying or the construction of precise geometric patterns to create final results that are sure to make an impact.

Mosaico Brick 30×60

Available in all the colours of the range, the Brick Mosaic is offered in an original linear, geometric module capable of adding a new contemporary twist to the timeless strength of natural stone.

Mosaico 30×30

Ideal for use on floors and walls, the Mosaico 30×30 inspired by natural stone and composed of square tiles measuring 4.8×4.8 cm is a simple yet striking decor.

Available in all the colours of the range, the Brick Mosaic is offered in an original linear, geometric module capable of adding a new contemporary twist to the timeless strength of natural stone.

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Main image credit: Atlas Concorde S.p.A