TREND mosaics  – all that glitters really is gold

Updating and extending an original 1930s Florida villa to give it a modernist, vibrant feel, the Artistic Director of TREND whose mosaics and materials were used throughout, created a space to bridge the decades…

palm leaf gold mosaic design by TREND group in Miami

Whilst keeping the buildings historical integrity called for a delicate touch, taking the design as far as possible without compromising the building’s design ethos was a challenge the owners of this extensive property in Miami Beach faced with relish. Well-known Italian entrepreneurs in the world of luxury design and high-end builds, they saw this as an opportunity to create a family home that would bridge the decades and stand loud and proud on its own merits, while allowing the 30s art deco styling to remain relevant nearly 100 years on without becoming a pastiche of itself.

“I used the mosaic collection in every single room of my house, combining our Italian tradition and culture for high quality and elevated design with TREND materials,” said Federica Bisazza, Artistic Director, TREND. “I wanted to create a special atmosphere with hints of tropical vibes so that my guests and friends could experience them. Bringing beauty into the daily lives of our customers is our mission.”

geometric patterns in the bathroom using TREND mosaic tiles in white and gold

Image credit: TREND Group

Set in almost 30,000 square feet of lush tropical gardens overlooking the bay, Villa Primavera was extended to provide 7,500 square feet of living space, complete with statement swimming pool. Floor to ceiling windows flood the interior with light and help to connect inside and outside into one space.

Aiming to reflect the building’s natural surroundings of lush vegetation, views across the water, the hustle and bustle of downtown Miami and the smooth, distinctive lines of the building itself, the owners set themselves bold design objectives without compromise. Light, colour and geometric lines were key elements to achieving the overall effect and they quickly decided to use only products made in Italy to ensure the highest levels of quality. The fit-out was overseen by the owner who is also Artistic Director of TREND whose materials were used throughout to create a feeling of continuity whilst allowing ultimate creative expression and contrast.

Whilst the living areas play with light, the bathrooms are where TREND materials are used for optimum creative expression. The master bathroom uses geometric patterns and colour to create an optical illusion that bends light and space. TREND Immense Effect glass tiles clad the walls, blended with accents of White and Platinum glass mosaics.

art deco style bathroom tiles from TREND Group

Image credit: TREND Group

The creative use of tiles and mosaics continues throughout the property, making a statement with a combination of colour, texture and bold design. The main guest bathroom features a stunning feature wall with a Palm Leaf design finished in 24K Yellow Gold Flute 1 artistic mosaics, bringing elements of the garden inside. The custom-made vanity unit is also finished in hand-cut 24K yellow gold mosaics, creating continuity along with visual contrast. In a further guest bathroom, TREND Liberty Pearl glass tiles are used to create a warm, relaxing mood with neutral tones and subtle reflections. The tiles have been installed vertically to give the room more height and create a feeling of space.

The theme continues throughout the villa with both guest bedrooms decorated with two-colour mosaics depicting tropical floral motifs. Even the property’s private elevator features an original blue and red mosaic designed by Italian Artist Marco Nero Rotelli. Carrying the theme through to the outside, the swimming pool is clad with white mosaic and platinum gold tiles, reflecting the colour of the sky and sparkling in the sunshine.

TREND’s versatile range of surface coverings, tiles and mosaics can be found adorning the floors, walls, bathrooms and pools of private and commercial properties around the world, wherever quality, design and artistic expression are seen as essential elements to success. Villa Primavera, stands as a shining example of how TREND can bring new and old together to create something exciting, special, unexpected and timeless.

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Main image credit: TREND Group