Introducing the bathroom Trend Guide from Geberit

In collaboration with global experts, Geberit has published its latest Trend Guide, curated with hotel designers and architects in mind who want to elevate their bathroom designs. Sophie Weston, Marketing Manager at Geberit, delves into the key interior styles and explores how they can be recreated in hotel bathrooms…

wooden vanity surface with white square Geberit handbasin on the surface

The Geberit Trend Guide offers hotel designers and architects valuable insight, advice and inspiration, bringing together real-world surveys, studies and research to deliver four key trends matched with products, styling tips and colour suggestions, all driven by market insights. Here we have identified four core trends and paired that with more information on how to recreate them in your hotel projects.

moodboard by Geberit on green background with botanical images and pops of pink and terracotta

Image credit: Geberit

The opening look, Botanical Retreat, speaks to the rise in maximalism, biophilic colour choices and new rituals. It’s all about plant-filled environments, lush greens and rich florals to create an environment perfect for relaxation. The ideal inspiration for creating an at-home spa, readers will find a wealth of inspirational imagery, accessory suggestions and Geberit styled bathrooms which bring the look to life.

Styling tips for this trend include an abundance of leafy houseplants, like Calathea’s Boston Fern, Spider Plant, Ivy and Cheeseplants.  Include a tray or set up on the vanity with scented candles, bath salts, flower petals and botanical greens. Warm metallic accents are important, think brushed brass and gold for accessories like mirrors, cosmetic trays, toilet roll holders and towel racks.

soft greens and natural tones on the Geberit moodboard looking at Nordic influences in the bathroom

Image credit: Geberit

Nordic Cleanse is driven by the self-care movement, Ice Man Wim Hof and the healing benefits of frosty greens and icy blues. This look is therapeutic and restorative, using subtle tonal combinations to create a calm and understated mood. The idea is to boost calm feelings and lower stress, making this look the perfect hotel bathroom environment for guests to relax and unwind in. Geberit’s black matt finishes fit right at home within this style, the ideal contrast to cool hues of Nordic cleanse.

Styling tips for this trend include the use of rounded and curved forms. Details like layered textures, such as towels over tiles. Again, plants are key to bring the benefits of green spaces indoors, such as trailing ivy and eucalyptus.

earthy colours and natural textures on the Reconnect moodboard

Image credit: Geberit

Reconnect is a reaction to slow living, harnessing natural materials such as clay and terracotta to inspire a warm Moroccan style bathroom. Breezy and summery, Reconnect offers hotel designers and architects ideas and inspiration for an earthy retreat. The trend has a traditional artisan feel, with carefully crafted ornaments and eco alternatives being centre to accessorising the look. With environmental concerns front of mind, consumers are seeking to buy less, so good quality sustainable products which provide longevity are important here. Think beautiful amber glass or travertine refill bottles, woven jute, ratten or sisal for storage bags and baskets.

The styling tips for this trend include bold bunches of dried flowers, leaves and grasses to represent the dry summer heat.  Pampas grass is a key accessory for this trend.  Limewash effects, micro cement or chalk paint provide a tactile backdrop for styling.

moodboard on a grey background with dark grey and chrome and concrete elements

Image credit: Geberit

Finally we have Urban Sanctuary, a look which embraces the brutalist movement, mid-century modern style and urbanisation. Bathrooms in this style are functional, minimalistic and celebrate the use of industrial materials, powder coated steel and concrete composites. The colour palette is inspired by the urban environment, a blend of cool matt greys is combined with a deep and soft mint green, bringing a fresh contemporary feel to the bathroom. Grids and lines are important for surface patterns here, which can come through in accessories, towels or tiling. Durability and performance are at the heart of this look, with innovative, staple Geberit products littered throughout.

Styling tips for this trend include the use of practical and functional accessories.  Architecturally inspired fixtures and fittings such as thin metal framework that is slick, refined, and sculptural in form.  Materials that can stand the test of time are important, such as concrete, speckled stone or terrazzo for a more contemporary look.

The Trend Guide features some of the new product upgrades including the redesigned Sigma70 flush plates, the extended Option illuminated mirror collection and Geberit Monolith Plus. So, elevate your designs with Geberit’s Trend Guide and inspire your guests with bathrooms that are as stylish as they are functional.

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Main image credit: Geberit