Product watch: Liana and Chanson fabric designs by Skopos

In the brand celebrates its 50th anniversary, Skopos unveils two new collections this June…

June Skopos fabric designs

With echoes of the historic French Toile de Jouy style, Skopos’ hero design for June descends from the Liana Glade design, originally a feature of our Versailles collection (1988). Designs from Versailles were originally printed on-site in Yorkshire, using flatbed screen printing methods.

Now named Liana, this design for June has been digitally separated, enabling inclusion of the fine detail from the original painting and bringing the hand-made quality back in.

Curtain with Vase CHANSON LA24 JASPER

Image credit: Skopos

Liana brings a soft, colourful, impressionist pastoral landscape design into the Anniversary collection, tapping into the current aesthetic of pictorial, maximalist interiors.

Our second design for June, Chanson, started out as ‘Song’, part of the Verse collection (from 2008). Verse came under the umbrella of the Jamasque  brand, printed originally on cotton, using flat-bed screen printing methods. Verse explored traditional and abstract floral designs with the support of a traditional stripe. The Jamasque label had a traditional bias, exploring historical themes, floral imagery, archive prints and weaves. Adapted for digital reproduction, Chanson provides a delicate tonal abstract floral design, which sits beautifully on our new Ashford basecloth.

Skopos fabrics laid out

Image credit: Skopos

Designs for June are available on any of our standard print base-cloths and are currently being sampled on the Ashford linen-effect and Sonno blackout velvet cloths. Both designs are being offered in two colourways for immediate order.

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Main image credit: Skopos