Product watch: Julienne Collection from Samuel & Sons

Woven from mercerized cotton, the Julienne Collection by Samuel & Sons features a full spectrum of colours, from rich saturated tones to neutrals and tinted hues, giving designers over 250 possibilities to choose from with unlimited combinations…

gold trim detail from the Julienne collection by Samuel & Sons

Samuel & Sons is a consistent source of innovative and quality trimmings, inspiring interior designers and architects with both innovation, and variety. The Julienne Collection is a refined collection of finely woven, mercerized cotton piping and double welting offered in a comprehensive selection of 143 colours. The patterns in the collection are comprised of the Julienne Piping, the Julienne Double Welting, and the Julienne Two-Tone Double Welting. Woven from a beautiful, mercerized cotton yarn, the refined exterior weave structure will lead to greater consistency in applications. The Julienne Piping and Welting achieves greater uniformity along edges and fluidity in turning corners, while maintaining its silhouette. The superior quality piping and double welting method in the collection provide greater structural stability and aesthetic.

With its 121 colours, eleven metallics and twelve two-tone double welting, the Julienne Collection’s patterns, offers designers over 250 possibilities to choose from, with unlimited combinations. The extensive palette features a full spectrum of colours from rich saturated tones to neutrals and tinted hues.

Within the neutral realm, the collection houses pure whites such as Chalk, as well as a series of ivories and is complimented by more nuanced tones such as Opal and Sandstone. The yellows range from light Forsythia to a bright Citron and then transition into warm earthen ochres and Amber before moving into the midtones of Mulberry and Quince. Ethereal Cloud and Ice Blue counter the brilliance of the more saturated shades of Snapdragon and Emerald, contributing to the wide colour selection. Within the shades of Blue the collection ranges from lighter tones such as Rain through midtones of Periwinkle into a more formal shade of Imperial. Within the greens, the focus is on deeper tones with richer pigmentation such as a majestic Viridian with Forest and Juniper all processing subtle blue notes. With botanical influences gaining momentum, a palette of fresh organic colours including Parsley, Bamboo, Honeydew and Willow have been included in the comprehensive palette.

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Main image credit: Samuel & Sons