Samuel and Sons’ new collections continue the tradition of crafted trimmings

    natural tones and textures of curtains with dragon fly trim from samuel and sons
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    Samuel and Sons’ new collections continue the tradition of crafted trimmings

    Samuel & Sons has long been a coveted source for the finest quality trimmings. The brand’s new designs, Metamorphosis and Illuminée, continue the tradition inspired by craft… 

    natural tones and textures of curtains with dragon fly trim from samuel and sons

    Family-owned for more than 75 years, Samuel & Sons is built on quality of craftsmanship and dedication to design. The brand has long been a source for tassels, borders, braids, gimp, fringes and more – for both residential and contract interiors.

    The dedicated hospitality division caters for any scale contract interior design project. The list of prestigious hotel groups that shelter the brand’s designs includes Four Seasons, St. Regis, Ritz Carlton, Rosewood, Wynn Resorts in Las Vegas and Macau, and MGM. With its wealth of experience, Samuel & Sons Hospitality Division has become an essential resource for today’s hospitality and contract design professionals. bathroom.

    The new Metamorphosis collection, designed by Lori Weitzner for Samuel & Sons, is an impassioned celebration of the smallest of creatures and how they live in our natural world. Whimsical, colourful and multi-dimensional, they have been the artist’s muse for centuries, and are now proving to be the inspiration for a refreshing and stylishly nuanced collection of passementerie.

    Adding an instant layer of texture and delight, the collection includes delicate, stylised dragonflies, beaded, embroidered glitter-like insects and honeycomb motifs, which add a touch of whimsy and sophistication. These are combined with more abstract interpretations that evoke sea spray or the pleat within an ethereal and graceful butterfly’s wings. Silky finishes, finely woven yarns, metallic beads, embroidered knots and faux suede appliqué and glass beads all bring each detail to life.

    natural linen curtain with edging detail in Illuminee by samuel and sons

    Image credit: Samuel and Sons

    Organically inspired botanical border Illuminée, features undulating palms of leaves, which are illuminated through a vivid ombre of colours. This new addition to the collection, combines the delicate leaf patterning with a palette of earthy tones, and enables Illuminée to bring the outdoors in and infuse interiors with elements of nature. The Illuminée Border processes lyricism and great movement created by its pattern of interwoven palms of curved leaves, which are in turn brought to life with a radiate spectrum of multiple colours, whereas the 3.5” version of the Illuminée Border’s pattern is non-directional and the border itself completely reversible, making this an extremely versatile pattern and doubling the number of colour variations. On the face, the leaves are illustrated in full colour cascading over a neutral ground.

    The palette is inspired by luminous colours found in nature from the aqua of the sea and sand, autumn burnished shades of olive, gold and terracotta, the iridescence of magical creatures’ wings with celadon, aqua, teal and topaz, sunset hues of blues, teals, and vivid carnelian red to the darkest navy and transitions to the golden glow of starlight.

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    Pauline Brettell / 25.11.2021


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