Product watch: Hommés Studio launches new bedroom collection

    Classic Romance - Master Suite1
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    Product watch: Hommés Studio launches new bedroom collection

    As part of Hommés Studio’s collection, the brand has introduced eclectic and timeless master bedroom furniture. Hotel Designs explores…

    Classic Romance - Master Suite1

    Hommés was born from a skilled blend of visionary identities, with unique perspectives of design, art, fashion, and cultures. The brand’s life motto is introducing an Haute Couture concept in the Interior Design industry.

    From their ordinary look and textures to exquisite and colourful versions, all Hommés pieces are a homage to craftsmanship. Thus, this line of master bedrooms is no exception.

    The master bedroom is our little wonderland, and it is in this space that we must feel comfortable and at home. With warm colours and textures, this suite looks like a fine mixture between Spring and Autumn. The most memorable bedroom furniture sets with wood details transform this bedroom into a sophisticated and elegant room.

    Kara Bed and Kara Bedside Table is the perfect furniture set for your dream master bedroom. Kara Bed is a modest luxury styled piece stripped away any superfluous decoration in search of simplicity. Kara Bedside Table is a charming piece in a rounded silhouette with striking accents.

    A master hotel suite that has a lounge area is a dream master bedroom. In this way, it is possible to create a welcoming yet modern living area by placing two armchairs and a coffee table in front of the bed.

    It is important to have a beauty corner in any room, where people can relax and start their day in the best way – taking care of themselves.

    In addition to an elegant room, a walk-in closet is a star when it comes to storage solutions. With a design thought to the smallest detail, this room conveys a vibe of a cosmopolitan city. That is, a room with several styles, but always keeping a sophisticated line.

    Classic romance Master Suite

    Hommés believes that a house must express the owner’s soul, as clothes express the person’s personality who dresses them.

    The Master Suite needs to be serene and warm. In this room, what stands out is the bed’s elegant design and the bedside tables with a statement design. The bedside table and how it is decorated can transform the bedroom into a little wonderland.

    Jannu Bed owns a singular form projected by creative minds and sculpted by expertise hands. Kimura Bedside Table is a must-have in any modern bedroom project. Boasting beautifully rounded corners and a simplistic scheme perfect for an array of spaces.

    The green hues with blush details, refined materials, rich colours, and wallpaper design make this room a romantic space.

    Surrender to this room and fall in love with the little details in the living area next to the bed. A pink sofa contrasting with the green hues of the room transmit harmony and peace.

    Lunarys Sofa is a contemporary style sofa that features a glamorous aesthetic look. It is an outstanding sofa that amazes everyone with its powerful presence. A stunning piece that disrupts commonly seen shapes, transitioning its admirers to another dimension.

    Italian Affair Bedroom

    In the Italian Affair Bedroom, the richness of the Italian culture and taste prevails. An intimate bedroom that allows us to feel a little bit of peace and comfort.

    Image credit: Hommés Studio

    An incredible and dramatic design on the walls and ceiling reminds us of the Italian renaissance.

    Isis Bed is an inspiring and indulgent design. This luxury bed merges futuristic flair with contemporary chic vibes. Niagara Side Table features a geometric design shape. Inspired by the Memphis movement vibe, it incorporates a selection of different types of marbles.

    The chest of drawers together with sumptuous decor and luxury fabric creates a luxurious and elegant room. The beautiful Malala Chest of Drawers chooses to be different. It is a unique piece for a standout bedroom.

    Hommés Studio is one of the brands that has taken advantage of our Industry Support Package. To keep up to date with supplier news, click here.

    Main image credit: Hommés Studio

    Hamish Kilburn / 28.01.2021


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