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  • Product watch: A look the latest wallcovering collections from Arte

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    Product watch: A look the latest wallcovering collections from Arte

    Arte, founded in 1981, is known for creating sophisticated, luxury wallcoverings, showcasing a clear love of design and exploration of innovative materials and techniques. Hotel Designs takes a close look at the brand’s latest collections…

    Image of floral wallcovering

    Every year, an in-house team of experienced designers at Arte work on developing new collections, striving for perfection and trendsetting design whilst simultaneously surprising the design industry with what’s possible to achieve with wallcoverings.

    Arte is constantly researching and developing new production techniques, with the production and design team sometimes spending over a year perfecting the techniques used in manufacturing a collection before it’s released to the market. With the world of wallcoverings becoming increasingly more exciting, Arte continues to inspire and challenge, setting the bar for innovative design. Arte’s wallcoverings can be found adorning the walls of both residential homes, as well as commercial interiors in over 80 countries worldwide.

    This season sees Arte launch a number of diverse new collections utilising varied techniques from heat embossed textiles to large scale prints and even wall tiles made from shell. These include the beautiful ‘Manovo’, collection inspired by and named after the largest national park in Central Africa, incorporating an eclectic mix of botanical prints, geometric shapes and animal patterns, the fashionable ‘Les Tricots’, inspired by haute couture with five designs offered in an explosive colour palette of blue, green and red as well as earthier tones, the refined and elegant ‘Cameo’, designed to celebrate the beauty of imperfections and perfect for bringing the outdoors in, as well as the maximalist ‘Decors & Panoramiques’, with its lively eye-catching large scale murals and bold patterns which achieve a dreamy world of painterly scenes.

    Arte - Manovo_Savanna_22020_Roomshot_Print_UPPR

    Image caption: The Manovo Collection was inspired by and named after the largest national park in Central Africa. | Image credit: Arte

    Arte’s new collections feature a wide range of influences and styles to suit both traditional and classic, as well as modern and contemporary interiors. The inspiration and colours of the designs in ‘Les Tricots’ explore the power of fashion in design, inspired by the recent revival of haute couture and thanks to the combination of unique printing methods and the use of velvety soft yarns, creates the illusion of rich fabrics and opulent textiles adorning the walls. The vibrant ‘Chintz’ design is a particular favourite and a real showstopper, which will work well for statement walls as well as for an all over-scheme for lovers of maximalism.

    Taking inspiration from natural materials and textures, ‘Cameo’ is an elegant and paired-back collection of non-woven wallcoverings offered in a selection of neutral, nudes and earthy tones, making it easily suited to any interior space, with a lustrous, minimalist feel. Within the collection, Arte have eight designs, inspired by the textures that we see all around us from wood, stone, raffia and sisal, with all designs finished in glossy relief inks in which asymmetry, varying shapes and structures provide an unexpected harmony and this appreciation of the ‘imperfect’ we see in nature. The demand for sleek and modern minimalist interiors has grown with the Japandi trend currently on the rise, and an increasing appreciation for craft, natural materials and textures, as well as the idea of ‘clean design’, making this collection a perfect ode to the beauty seen in nature.

    Manovo, one of the newest additions, honours Central Africa with influences taken from the savanna woodlands and grassy lands, resulting in woven jacquard designs celebrating textures and details seen in the natural landscape, to the more distinctive patterns seen in traditional African carpets and fabrics, allowing for graphic and geometric detail. With a palette of bold blues, graphic greens and earthy warm yellows, this collection will create a warm and inviting interior, perfect for relaxing spaces.

    For those ready to embrace maximalism head on, ‘Decors and Panoramiques’ will be the perfect choice with its offering of lively eye-catching patterns and dreamy painterly scenes. 11 designs in total, with scenic hand painted panels, complemented beautifully by lavish and vibrant prints will allow for layers of bold colour, pattern, print and texture in an interior scheme; it’s perfectly suited for adding drama and interest in larger commercial spaces as well as residential interiors.

    Image caption: Decors and Panoramiques is an eye-catching, lively wallcoverings collection. | Image credit: Arte

    Image caption: Decors and Panoramiques is an eye-catching, lively wallcoverings collection. | Image credit: Arte

    Arte have always offered a wide range of designs across their collections ensuring there is a design for every aesthetic and the SS21 offering is no different. Pushing the boundaries of what’s possible with a wallcovering, each collection offers endless design and colour options that will be easy to incorporate into any room and any scheme, either as the textural base or the main talking point.

    Arte is one of our Recommended Suppliers and regularly features in our Supplier News section of the website. If you are interested in becoming one of our recommended suppliers, please email Katy Phillips.

    Main image credit: Arte

    Hamish Kilburn / 08.04.2021


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