“It makes a statement” – UK Bathrooms reviews Imperial’s Black Sapphire Collection

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    “It makes a statement” – UK Bathrooms reviews Imperial’s Black Sapphire Collection

    UK Bathrooms explore comfort and style qualities in the Black Sapphire Collection of dark sanitaryware by Imperial Bathrooms

    Creating a unique environment is key to success for hoteliers, whatever the hotel category, whatever the size of hotel; hotels today need to stand out in the crowd.  And one place they can do this is the hotel bathroom by not only offering the best in comfort and ease of use, but by making sure the space is beautifully stylish, functional, durable and different.

    Merging comfort and style the Black Sapphire Collection of dark sanitaryware by Imperial Bathrooms ups the ante, finally bringing ceramics over to the dark side.

    The hotel bathroom of 2021 has emerged as a space for wellbeing and retreating to for a moment of calm; time spent in the bathroom of today is prized by hotel guests, an opportunity for peace, privacy, self-care and time out from frenetic lives.  Bathroom design has become more expressive, experimental and exciting.

    Enter the vogue for black bathrooms, with dark, cave-like spaces creating sanctuaries where the stresses of outside cease to exist. While surfaces, furniture, fixtures and accessories have all been doused in black tones of late, sanitaryware remained traditionally white and bright – until now. Imperial Bathrooms’ new Black Sapphire Collection has put an end to interrupting dark schemes with chunks of dazzling paleness, with the extensive offering, encompassing basins, toilets, bidets and accessories in a myriad of styles, enabling bathrooms to wholly embrace the darkness, as well as adding an unexpected edge to monochrome designs and broader palettes.

    “Black and monochrome rooms soothe the eye and allow an overworked mind a moment of calm,” explains Graeme Borchard, MD at UK Bathrooms. “The Black Sapphire Collection from Imperial Bathrooms means that bathrooms can now fully commit to a black palette, and offers wider and bolder options for those hoteliers wanting to create statement spaces.”

    The range incorporates four sanitaryware families, the first truly comprehensive collection of black bathroom ceramics.

    Etoile Black Sapphire

    Bedecked in the pigment-rich Black Sapphire finish, the round edges, intricate design and striking silhouettes of the Etoile collection take on an alluring, opulent feel. Each piece is crafted in Britain, repeatedly fired and smoothed to ensure a flawless, glossy finish. Team with high shine tiles in a matching tone and polished metals for maximum effect.

    Astoria Deco Black Sapphire

    The Astoria Deco range takes on an edgy, moody personality with a glossy Black Sapphire coat. The sculptural quality of its Art Deco angles, defined lines and shapely elegance make a dynamic statement – bring together multiple pieces for high impact and unforgettable wow factor.

    Drift Black Sapphire

    Combining the playfully curved lines of the Drift range with a blackened coat creates a tongue-in-cheek effect, the modern finish and shapes merging with hints of the traditional. Place the subtly decorative ceramics against a white, coloured or patterned backdrop of to make the most of the collection’s design details.

    Radcliffe Black Sapphire

    With slick lines and an even sharper attitude, the refined Radcliffe range is a nod to classic British bathroom design, made even more stately and statuesque in a shadowy glass-like finish. Style with traditional brassware, lighting and mirrors to complete the powerful, sophisticated aesthetic.

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