Milliken’s role in this new era of wellness

    3d illustration of modern hotel corridor .
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    Milliken’s role in this new era of wellness

    Following delivering a successful Product Watch Pitch at Hotel Designs LIVE, Milliken explain how its floor tiles can go beyond being just beautiful products in the new era of lifestyle and wellness…

    Milliken floor tiles help to create the wow factor and that Insta perfect first impression on arrival at a hotel.

    3d illustration of modern hotel corridor .

    The floor tiles that Milliken produce also have many practical benefits that set them apart from other flooring choices, such as sound absorption, reduced impact sound and improved well-being for those who work and stay in hotels and hospitality settings.

    They help reduce unwanted airborne noise and increase the sound absorption of the hotel space by using Milliken’s patented Comfort Plus cushion backing, along with high-performance fibre that reduces noise reverberation time and therefore softens echo. Milliken Comfort Plus cushion backing is particularly beneficial in reducing the nuisance of impact sound, such as the sound of passing footsteps down a hotel corridor.

    “We are able to support those hotels having a very bold design in some spaces together with a very tonal scheme in other areas of the hotel.” – Karen Burt, EMEA Strategic Accounts Director, Milliken.

    The brand’s clear focus on wellbeing and biophilic design are extremely beneficial in the design and specification of hotel interiors. Good, clean air quality is important to the guest experience and carpet can have a positive effect on improving indoor air quality. Gravity causes dust particles to fall to the floor and collect in the carpet fibre, reducing the circulation of dust in the air we breathe.

    Milliken’s global design studios can produce custom design on a very small scale which is a result of the patterning techniques that they have. “We have been seeing a real uptake in creative flooring – take the 25hours brand for example,” explains Karen Burt, EMEA Strategic Accounts Director, Milliken. “We are able to support those hotels having a very bold design in some spaces together with a very tonal scheme in other areas of the hotel.”

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    Kate Collier, Marketing Communications Manager at Milliken, comments: “In terms of wellness, the acoustics come into play as well. We personally feel we fit really nicely into this new era of lifestyle because of the flexibility and the global nature of our brand. In the US, we are now seeing our hospitality team introducing more modular design in public areas. We’re also able to be more creative in our ‘vision lab’ so that designers can use our tools to establish the right look for the right project.”

    The brand’s carpet is engineered to the highest levels of specification. Selection of raw materials, robust design, development and manufacturing processes ensure superior quality, comfort, aesthetics and durability. Comfort Plus cushion backing ensures guest comfort and safety as well as protecting the carpet face from wear and can significantly extend its life.

    Milliken carpet is supplied in modular tile format. This offers many benefits over traditional broadloom carpet. Modular carpet creates less installation waste than broadloom carpet, as well as being quicker and easier to handle and install. This in turn reduces disruption and the possibility of hotel downtime. Maintenance is easier as is dealing with spills and damaged areas. With tiles, replacement of soiled, stained or damaged areas is fast and easy as one tile is simply picked up and another quickly swapped in.

    The Creo collection, Milliken’s latest hospitality carpet collection, has been designed with hospitality environments in mind. It’s inspired by Brazilian street art, featuring three vibrant colourways – Sao Paulo, Rio and Brasilia, offered in three lively pattern families – Avenida, Beco and Rua. The specifier can select the preferred pattern and colour combination for field, runner or rug combinations providing a multitude of design options.

    Milliken was a Product Pitch Partner at Hotel Designs LIVE recently, which took place on August 10, 2021.

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    Hamish Kilburn / 20.08.2021


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