Meta by Dornbracht: minimal in form with maximum variability

The impressive versatility of the Meta fittings’ series, which was created for Dornbracht by Sieger Design, is now underlined by new finishes, textures and variants to embody modern minimalism at its most pure…

Meta by Dornbracht in black with glass bricks and stainless steel surface

Dornbrachts‘ additions to its Meta range in new red, orange and dark green finishes deliberately set a bold tone, designed to catch the eye in every bathroom. Puristically elegant dark chrome, on the other hand, creates an atmosphere of clarity and calm, impressing with subtle elegance. In addition to the colours, Meta will also be available in linear and faceted textures. As with the new colours, the series is taking up contemporary trends in interior design and architecture.

Further highlights complete the series enhancements. With the slender, free-standing version, the single-lever mixer for wall mounting with single point attachment increases the range of options, and ensures greater creative freedom in the bathroom. Product variants with smaller projections are particularly interesting for the guest bathroom and for small rooms, as they allow the design to continue beyond the main bathroom.

freestanding bath with Meta bathroom fittings in chrome by dornbracht

Image credit: Dornbracht

The proportions of the range are harmonious, the transitions free-flowing, the radii precise, as the design of the fitting focuses on the basic, geometric shape of a cylindrical body, and is perfected in every detail. The series deliberately creates different ambiances through the interaction of various colours, materials and finishes. Confident, stylish incongruities, surprising contrasts and unconventional combinations stand in direct contrast to the reduced design language. This is how Meta allows maximum personal development, whilst retaining all its characteristic features.

Three different versions of the fitting are available. The Classic Meta’s appeal comes from its balanced and harmonious design language, Meta Slim has an even more delicate lever and minimal gap widths, while Meta Pure features an innovative twist controller.

Conceived according to the Dornbracht design principles – proportion, precision, progressiveness, performance and personality – the series conforms directly to the company claim of creating ‘Leading Designs for Architecture’. A timelessly reduced design and the ability to keep re-inventing itself in a variety of different contexts make Meta yet another striking character in the Dornbracht portfolio. One that creates an assured sense of style in diversity and allows individuality and attitude to be expressed.

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Main image credit: Dornbracht