Leaflike – supporting a circular economy

Determined to do more than provide pretty plants, Leaflike is committed to working towards a circular economy on every level – whether though promoting preserved florals, using recycled planters, or creating lifelike green walls, re-cycling and re-using remains a focal point…

Leaflike installation at the entrance to Andaz hotel

The idea behind a circular economy is about the end of life of a product. It is not a new concept as generations gone by have had to adapt to the resources they had available at the time, often through re-using and re-purposing. However it is something that has got lost in the pursuit of the quickest, cheapest and the easiest options, which ultimately may not be sustainable. The mantra ‘reduce, reuse, recycle’ needs to inform all our design decisions.

Leaflike are able to support a circular economy by bringing back products once they have finished their time on display. This applies to green walls as well as the more traditional floral arrangements and seasonal changeover maintenance contracts created for ongoing customers.
Whether its preserved florals, recycled planters, lifelike green walls and even moss, the priority is always to reuse and recycle products where possible.

“We work with the best suppliers in the industry to ensure we are aligned in the reduction of carbon emissions,” said Stephen Abernethie, Managing Director, Leaflike.”Using tools to measure fuel consumption, electricity consumption, energy consumed and fertilizer data, their research shows that preserved flowers and plants have less than a third carbon footprint than that of natural flowers, in a cultivated environment.”

A circular economy works towards reduction in waste and pollution, and goes hand in hand with increasing biodiversity. It is about bringing prosperity to business and society in addition to the environment. Regenerative by design meaning natural resources do not become depleted and thus new industries can arise bringing economic growth. The new London Plan, which came into law in March 2021, insists a circular economy statement be submitted along with a whole life carbon assessment as part of the planning process. This aims to reduce waste and pollution and ultimately help achieve the net-zero carbon commitments. If we all embrace this much needed change, it is suggested that circular economy strategies could deliver emission reductions that could limit the expected temperature rise by half.

Leaflike sees working towards a circular economy as being a fundamental part of the brand commitment and responsibility to provide the best advice and products for clients to achieve sustainable goals.

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Main image credit: Leaflike