Case study: d line gets a handle on sustainable design

Balancing tradition and innovation in a eco-friendly dream home in Karlebo, the choice of d line door handles wasn’t just about aesthetics – it was a reflection of the owners’ commitment to quality and sustainability…

minimalist scandi interior with d line fittings and hardware

Homeowners Casper and Alexandra embarked on a journey to turn their dream of countryside living into reality, all while staying close to the vibrancy of Copenhagen. As a landscape architect and a research scientist, they sought the perfect blend of rural tranquillity and urban convenience, and they found it in the charming village of Karlebo.

Amidst all their eco-conscious decisions, they home-owners didn’t compromise on style. When it came to the finishing touches, they opted for the timeless d line L lever handle by Knud Holscher in stainless steel. Their choice of door handles wasn’t just about aesthetics – it was a reflection of their commitment to quality and sustainability.

eco-friendly design of Scandinavian interior using d line hardware

Image credit: d line

The L lever handle, among the 250 products that can be Re-handled, boasts a remarkable feature: reusability. With the capacity to be Re-handled up to four times, it ensures a 100 year product life cycle, a testament to the ethos of timeless craftsmanship.

“We chose the Re-handle product as it fits perfectly into our vision and house project”, explained Casper. “The world’s resources are limited, and we need to use them smartly by recycling or building of the nature with an absolute minimum impact of CO2 while storing CO2 in the construction”.

Their vision for their home was both ambitious and modern. They wanted to honour the timeless charm of traditional Danish timber-framed houses while infusing their design with contemporary style. This meant carefully planning every detail, from the layout with its central hallway connecting various rooms, to the choice of biobased materials.

Concerned about the impact of climate change, Casper and Alexandra were determined to use eco-friendly materials in their construction. They opted for glulam wood with hemp modules for the structure, while the façade consists of lime plaster, echoing the classic look of nearby heritage homes. Inside, the walls were coated in clay plaster, creating a healthy indoor environment that will stand the test of time.

“We both grew up with d line products,” added Casper. “They have been part of our childhood and relationship to traditional Danish quality and design. We would like our future children to have the same childhood and memories as we did. It is important to us that our passion and history of Danish design is passed on to the next generations, says Casper”

For Casper and Alexandra, their home isn’t just a place to live. It’s a testament to their values, their love for Danish design, and their dedication to building a more sustainable future. In creating their dream home, they not only found a sanctuary for themselves but also left a legacy for the next generation.

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Main image credit: d line