Hypnos awarded carbon-neutral certification

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    Hypnos awarded carbon-neutral certification

    Bed manufacturer Hypnos has been awarded The Planet Mark – Carbon Neutral Certification for its decade-long commitment to carbon-neutral production…

    A modern bed with black lighting

    Royal warrant holder and leading sustainable sleep brand, Hypnos, has announced that its decade-long commitment to carbon neutrality and environmentally-friendly product design has been recognised with a prestigious The Planet Mark – Carbon Neutral Certification.

    Having been carbon-neutral for over a decade and offset more than 9,550 tonnes of carbon along the way, Hypnos has demonstrated its pioneering and long-running environmental credentials.

    The ethical company was the first bed manufacturer in the world to have become carbon neutral. Indeed, Hypnos has championed the importance of sustainability and carbon reduction across the bed industry throughout the last decade and is pleased to see a number of other bed brands starting to take their first steps into becoming carbon neutral.

    The Planet Mark is committed to the United Nations Decade of Action, which covers everything from sustainable living to climate change and creating a circular economy. The Planet Mark is a highly distinguished sustainability certification for businesses in the UK and internationally, recognising continuous improvements within a company across a wide range of areas including building strong employee engagement to create a sustainable culture.

    This certification comes shortly after the family-owned British bedmaker announced it had developed an innovative new recyclable, eco-friendly and carbon neutral packaging solution. Made from sugarcane, a renewable and carbon dioxide depleting resource, this new solution will be used for their beds and mattresses across its retail and contract factories, encouraging all bedmakers to adopt this technology to help eliminate plastic waste.

    When it comes to carbon reduction and tackling its footprint, Hypnos has implemented a range of robust measures. This focuses on using renewable natural resources and making sure that all its product designs and ethical bed production are focused on low-carbon solutions. Its carbon offsetting and social responsibility programmes include working in the community with local schools and conservation groups, planting trees to sequester carbon and build biodiversity environments.

    Richard Naylor, Sustainable Development Director at Hypnos Beds, believes the time is right to receive such a nod to the brand’s eco-friendly DNA. “Our commitment to sustainable sleep is something which affects every single corner of our business,” he said in a statement. “From our sustainability-led culture, products and operations to working with fully traceable materials and certified farmers and growers in our supply chain, right through to how we actually package our finished products, we’re sustainable in every part of our business and we aim to help set the sustainability standards for the bed industry.

    “We’re delighted to be able to add The Planet Mark to our list of credentials which we have built throughout our long journey to sustainable sleep. We’ve led the way when it comes to environmentally-friendly bed making for well over a decade and are excited about everything we have planned over the next decade as well.”

    Steve Malkin, CEO and founder of The Planet Mark, adds: “Understanding and reducing the impact that your business has on the planet is absolutely essential and we know that Hypnos has been unrelenting in its pursuit of truly sustainable beds, delivering outstanding products for both its customers and the planet.

    “We’re pleased to see such a strong commitment to the environment and to social responsibility from a well-known and respected British brand and it’s great to work together to achieve common environmental goals.”

    For more than a decade Hypnos has ensured sustainability infiltrates every area of its business. For that reason, Hypnos’ products are made with 100 per cent natural and sustainable fibres, meaning they’re fully recyclable and don’t end up at landfill sites at the end of their lifetime. In addition, all Hypnos mattresses are free of harmful and allergy-related chemicals – with no use of any synthetic, chemical-based foams or memory foams.

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    Hamish Kilburn / 08.02.2021


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