Granorte launches online room visualiser

Granorte has introduced an online room visualiser, making it easy for architects, designers and end-users to see just how Granorte cork floors and Delivering Nature cork wall and floors, make spaces more beautiful…

laptop, phone and tablet with view of online design tool from Granorte

The Granorte room visualiser tool lets visitors try out the entire collection. Across a range of realistic interiors, they can try out more than 160 flooring and more than 130 different wall looks.

“Our Floor Studio room visualiser tool makes it easy for end-users to make an informed selection from the comfort of their own workspace,” explained Paulo Rocha, Granorte. “It also helps the architects and interior designers, adding another touch point in the visualisation of our cork floors and walls, as it can be used in store on a tablet or screen. It’s a useful tool that we hope everyone will embrace.”

By selecting colour, floor type or collection, users can quickly narrow down their options, trying out different laying directions and patterns in a room view. With the compare feature they can see different choices side-by-side or see how a change of laying direction affects the look of the room. The tool also lets them take snapshots of their favourite choices and find out more on each floor.

Once the final selections are made, room images can be printed or downloaded directly from the tool, as well as saved to a folder. The room visualiser can be experienced at

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Main image credit: Granorte